As the name implies, Wool/Silk/Linen (WSL) is a fabric made up of 3 components wool, silk and linen. Although it has been produced by famous Italian textile firms such as Drapers or Caccioppoli for many centuries, the attractive properties of WSL are still not widely known in Vietnam.

The biggest advantage of WSL is that it eliminates most of the disadvantages of the internal components thanks to the addition of other fibres. For example, a shirt made from WSL fabric will hold its shape better than pure linen, have a more interesting weave than pure wool, and be softer and less wrinkled than cotton due to its silk content.

Of course, with one of the three components being linen, WSL fabric is also more breathable than pure wool. In addition to the wide variety of colours, weaves and variations by simply adjusting the yarn ratio, WSL is often used to weave brightly patterned fabrics. That’s why it is often chosen for spring-summer jackets.

Same WSL but each piece of fabric can have very different textures, rougher or smoother, creating a more relaxed/casual or more formal effect depending on the intended use. As a result, it provides many options for formal levels depending on the outfit: the proportion of linen is higher if worn with linen or cotton pants; And the ratio of wool, silk is higher if you want to wear smart casual to the company with bright colours.

With such interesting and spring-summer features, WSL will be a fresh, sophisticated and colourful choice for the upcoming blazer/sport coat in your bro’s wardrobe.

We currently have a wide selection of colours, textures and prices for the WSL fabric line. Invite bros to visit the store to experience and be consulted.

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