That season any. If flannel, tweed, corduroy are “specialities” of the cold season, linen and cotton are gifts of nature for the hot season. Special is linen. There will be summer guards in Vietnam that are too hot to wear a jacket, but the thin shirt layer is not enough to protect you from UV rays, and the summer jacket will therefore have a “sun protection” effect. “. Medium is beautiful and protects the skin, two in one, nothing default!

But why is Linen the king of summer fabric?

? Made from the fibres of the flax plant, flax feels cool to the touch. It is very smooth and becomes even softer after washing. Linen has a slow elasticity and doesn’t stretch easily, which explains why it wrinkles easily. However, these wrinkles are considered a particularly “glamorous” part with a naturalness that cannot be changed with wrinkles of different materials.

? Good linen can absorb and discharge water quickly. It can achieve humidity up to 20% without feeling wet, so it will easily absorb odours on hot summer days.

? Linen is very strong and durable and is one of the few fabrics that dries stronger. The difficulty is stretched and is resistant to abrasion.

? Linen is also easy to “flat iron” because it resists dirt and stains, is lint-free or frayed, and can be dry cleaned, machine washed, or tumble dried. It can withstand high temperatures, so the summer sun won’t be a problem if you own such an ideal “sun protection” shirt.

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