2020 Overcoat Lookbook: Winter Breath

2019 Fall/Winter Lookbook from Tailor Bros: Hanoi Cuisine 2019 Spring/Summer Lookbook from Tailor Bros: Summer Vibes Tailor Bros & Lunar …

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A guide to pleats on trousers

(Source: The function of pleats is to create greater room around the tops of trousers, yet have that space …

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Proportion – the Foundation of Style (p.3): Into the fitting room

Here is an all-too-poignant example of why today’s fashion-conscious male does not dress better. As this contemporary photograph graphically illustrates, …

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Colors in Classic Menswear: what are the perfect combination?

While fundamental, color combinations are still among the most controversial topic due to the countless variation and personal taste. In …

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How our suit is made and why it worths your time

For the travellers who visit Vietnam, tailoring a suit is considered “a must” experience due to the worldwide-famous craftsmanship and …

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Proportion – the Foundation of Style (p.2): Proportion and Body types

( Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion – Alan Flusser) Whether short or tall, portly or slim, …

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Fall/Winter Lookbook 2019: Hanoi Cuisine

Inspired by the City Guide concept, this Lookbook is our act of gratitude to the foreign customers that have accompanied Tailor Bros all these time. In the latest outfits design for Fall/Winter season, we visited the most recommended restaurants and coffee shops in Hanoi’s Old Quarter where the spirit of the capital’s cuisines shine bright.

We took a walk around Hanoi West Lake in our summer products.