Step One: Choose Your Garment

First of all, when you came to Tailor Bros, you should make up your mind about what the desired garment should look like. Most men will opt to have a suit made, but you can also choose a single jacket, an overcoat, a shirt, or a pair of pants if you have something special in mind. The more someone knows about his own taste and preferences, the easier the choice will be. Consider all the details you would like – the cut, the fabric, the structure of the garment, etc.

Normally our suit will take 14 days to complete. But we have the express service to make it faster and free of surcharge.

Step Two: Choose Your Style

In most cases, men either like the English style or some sort of Italian style. Creating a bespoke garment with a tailor should be about getting what YOU want. If your tastes line up neatly with the English or the Italian styles, then working with a tailor that favours that style makes sense.

In general, it is very important to know what you want and communicate clearly. The more information we get, the better. But if you are not able or willing to describe your wishes precisely, don’t worry, our experienced style controllers are always there to help you.

Step Three: The First Fitting

In normal cases, we will do two fittings. But if your time is limited, we can do only one fitting with a little more time and carefulness. The fitting gives you and even us the chance to see how the garment is developing and what additional alterations need to be made. At the first fitting, no buttonholes are made and one sleeve will still be missing. We mainly check proportions and balance while the customer wants to see if the tailor is on the right track; the garment could be changed fairly radically at this stage.

Step Four: The Second Fitting

At the second fitting sleeves will be added. Now, the garment has almost been completed. Buttons are still missing, and buttonholes are neither for minor fixing. But please note that fundamental changes would now be very time-consuming because the lining would have to be removed.

Step Five: Taking Your Garment

You come and try the suit one more time. The finished suit may need small alterations despite the second fitting. Then when you are happy with the product, we will do the final press and give you the full bag garment. Our service doesn’t end at delivery. We’re always here to provide further pressings and dry cleaning, as well as help with further alterations.

We hope this article will help you know more about our services. And please note that we have express service to make the suit without the surcharge.

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Nguyễn Phương Hà
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