2020 Overcoat Lookbook: Winter Breath

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Winter is the season of overcoat. It protects the wearers from the freezing wind and at the same time, makes a bold statement of style and elegance from the Satorialists.

Tailor Bros crew in brand new overcoats – classic and respected European garments that have been detailedly cut to be aligned with the condition of Vietnam. 

As any other tailored item, the length of overcoat should be cut proportionally to the wearer’s measurement. As a medium-heighted, Kenny has hit overcoat hang above the knee.

The special cut sleeves are more durable and eye-catching.

Harry chooses Paletot – a double breasted overcoat with peak lapel instead of the common Ulster lapel.

Paletot is a versatile overcoat, it can combine well with both formal and casual wear.
With two layers of fabric, the double breasted Paletot can keep the wearer warm.
The peak lapel’s width is bigger than usual.
Alterable back band and center pleat create more room for movement.
Tailor Bros’s signature button sewing style. The buttons are entirely sew by hand, strong and unique.

Kenny in Herringbone flannel safari suit

Thick and warm flannel fabric is an ideal choice for winter.
The suit features a nicer shape due to the heavier weight of the fabric.
Handmade Milanese Buttonhole.
A double pleated design helps the movement.

Mark in Bridge Coat – a derivated version of the famous Pea coat.

If the Pea Coat is too short and tight to wear over the suit or any type of jacket, the Bridge Coat can easily solve all these problems.
Bridge Coat is called “the short overcoat”, it has a back band to alter the tighten or loosen the waist.
You can wear Bridge coat in many way: top it over a suit or blazer or simply wear with sweater and jeans.
This coat is suitable for the height of Viet wearers. The double layers of the fabric and special ulster collar keep warm against the freezing wind.

Trench Coat is an indispensable part of winter wardrobe thanks to its versatility.

The cotton fabric with light shade beige color help the trench coat easy to mix. You can wear it with almost anything inside.
The gun flap is an original detail while the bigger cut storm pocket makes it easier to use in the winter.
a saddle piece across the back to prevent rain water, the center vent helps Mark move easier.
The collar can be fully attached using a metal button to cover the neck from winds.
Alterable band around the waist and wrist.

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