2019 Fall/Winter Lookbook from Tailor Bros: Hanoi Cuisine

Inspired by the City Guide concept, this Lookbook is our act of gratitude to the foreign customers that have accompanied Tailor Bros all these time. In the latest outfits design for Fall/Winter season, we visited the most recommended restaurants and coffee shops in Hanoi’s Old Quarter where the spirit of the capital’s cuisines shine bright.

Simple and gentle brown Neapolitan suit for a fall day.

A Gothic Cathedral

Mark takes a walk around the Cathedral in a casual mix of mismatch corduroy.

Steve in his formal herringbone business suit

Casual but no less impressive – that’s our Marco in the corduroy safari jacket

Kenny in his cozy corduroy suit

Vivienne is a coffe, a bar and also a restaurant where you can find Vietnamese, Japanese and European cuisines

Green Tangerine, 48 Hang Be street

We visited Green Tangerine for lunch, a restaurant in an old French house with open aquarium.

The restaurant offers many fusional cuisine from France – a country with great influence toward the culture of Hanoi

Enjoy the taste of life in the pathway of Old Quarter – an experience to live for.

Steve enjoy walking in the street with his linen Safari Jacket.

Diamond Sky Bar, 32 Lo Su street

Located in the top floor of La Siesta Hotel – 32 Lo Su street, Diamond sky bar is where we order a drink and have some talk.

Mark in his powerful and formal double breasted suit.

Diamond Sky Bar is an ideal place for cocktail and Ho Guom sightseeing.

The unconstructed Cotton Safari Jacket with a matching trousers – a comfortable and airy outfit for the evening

Kenny wears a linen suit mixed with white polo.

A space with typical Viet rural atmosphere.

Tradition cuisine: Banana Flower salad, Seafood Spring Roll,…

And Grilled Fish, served with vegetable, rice noodles and wrapping rice paper – a must-try in Hanoi.

Delicate touch of decorative in Circle Coffe.

In his formal Tuxedo, Marco gave us some passionate melody.

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