How to preserve a suit?

Whether a suit is beautiful or not depends not only on the quality of the material or the level of the tailor, but also on how we preserve it. A normal but well-maintained suit will keep its shape and be much more durable than an expensive suit that has been treated poorly. So, how to maintain a suit in optimal condition?

Clean suits properly

The first thing in the principles of keeping a suit beautiful and durable is how to clean it. It should be noted that never let the suit come into contact with water, except for specially treated “washable” fabrics, because wool fabrics are very sensitive to water and will quickly wrinkle, fluff or shrink seriously after contacting with water.
The optimal cleaning method for a suit is dry cleaning. This method does not affect the fabric surface too much, ensuring that the suit is both clean and maintains quality.

Hang your suit properly

After washing, the suit needs to be hung on a specialized hanger to maintain its shape, especially on the shoulders with shoulder pads. After that, store them in a cool, dry place, keep a distance when hanging the suit in the closet, avoid damp places so that the suit does not get moldy and smell bad.
To optimize the preservation process, the suit should be covered with an outer suit bag. A suit bag is always included with every Tailor Bros suit, and you can take advantage of this bag to keep your suit away from dirt and mold.

Preserve your suit when travelling

If you have to go on a long business trip and need to use a suit, it is inevitable that your clothes will wrinkle when put in a suitcase. In this case, the suit bag will once again work its magic. You can put the suit in the suit bag and carry it outside the suitcase. In this way, the suit is both guaranteed to be clean and retains its maximum shape without having to bother ironing it again when used.
For each suit completed at Tailor Bros, we always meticulously instruct all customers on how to preserve it in the most optimal way.

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