Tailor Bros 2023 Summer Lookbook: A Sunny Day in Hanoi

Tailor Bros would like to introduce our new lookbook after 1 year. On a sunny day in the middle of summer in Hanoi, we in our best outfits had a visit to the museum and an outdoor picnic.

Mark in a dark blue double-breasted suit with 100% natural wool, Drake’s tie and a 100% cotton shirt.

We started at the Hanoi Museum, which has a very spacious campus, lots of trees and lots of memorabilia and documents about ancient Hanoi.

Kenny looks a bit more casual with the UK’s signature Prince of Wales pattern outfit.







It is an honor to set foot in the Hanoi Museum. Here we can admire and feel almost the entire period of building and defending the country of the ancients. We chose the most formal suits for our visit to the museum’s interior. Unfortunately, the staff here do not allow the use of cameras, so we cannot record the sacred images inside.








Hien is comfortable in this Holland & Sherry light weight navy suit for summer.


Minh in a Caccioppoli wool-silk-linen jacket and natural cotton pants. Casual, liberal but still formal enough thanks to the proper shirt and tie.









Hanoi Museum is a building with a special structure, looking like a lotus flower in the heart of the capital, built in the area near the National Convention Center to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long. In the area of ​​up to 54,000m2, we are comfortable walking and relaxing under the green atmosphere.






















The view of many trees outside the Museum area. There are even “props” to take pictures freely.








In the afternoon, we left Hanoi museum to move to Red River rocks. This place is an ideal place for a picnic during the day.

Red river rock is a large area with many eateries, cafes and beautiful scenes to take pictures. You can also have a picnic during the day and barbecue by the river during cooler days.

We even brought our bikes to go around.


Cotton and linen are ideal materials for the hot weather in Hanoi these days.

Open weave jackets are also a great option.








Kenny in a brown linen suit, Hien in a light blue linen jacket which is perfect for the hot weather.















You can even become more liberal with a linen shirt and cotton shorts.


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