Known as a leading Vietnamese singer of Indie music, Vũ. has become a loyal client of Tailor Bros since the early days of our establishment. Over the years, we have become good friends. Vũ.’s style, both in terms of fashion and music, has something very Tailor Bros. Therefore, we decided to create a mini lookbook to mark our past journey together.

Flannel not only keeps you warm, but also increases casualness and brings a bit of winter vibe to your outfit.


This outfit is even more casual, with striking colors suitable for daytime activities. The corduroy material is perfect for winter and is finished with a knit tie that is also very casual.

Trench coat is a useful “armor” in the fall and winter, both protecting against cold winds and keeping the clothes inside from dust and rain.

Finally, for the year-end festive season, you cannot lack an evening outfit. A tuxedo with a velvet jacket is an upgraded version of a regular tuxedo.


Tailor Bros would like to send a special thank you to Vũ.

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