How to dress well in a hot summer day?

Kenny, Mark & Steve in summer outfits.

After a few cool days, there is a series of hot and sunny days. Of course, the epidemic in Vietnam is still very stressful and please stay at home if you can, both avoiding the disease and the sun. But then the good days will return. The epidemic will come to the end, you will have to go out again, and then it may not be over… hot. Stay positive and join us in brainstorming ideas for stylish outfits for the next few days after the lockdown, despite the harsh summer temperatures.

Tuan Minh is in pink linen shirt and white short linen pants

❗ First thing to remember: Avoid dark colours

It is not natural that deep tones are more popular in the fall and winter. They absorb more heat than light colours, so stay away from them during the summer, and use up your white pants instead. Aesthetically, bright colours will also give you a fresh, youthful and energetic look.

❗ Indispensable items when going out: Sunglasses (or clip-on)

Focus on protecting your eyes under the terrible sun of summer. And what’s better than stylish sunglasses or eyeglasses with a clip-on. Both as an accessory to affirm “I am a Sartorialist” and help protect the eyes. Your job is just to choose glasses so that they are cool. And if you’re using a clip-on, be sure to use one that fits, or preferably one designed with the frame included. Thus, you will not worry about slipping when operating, which will make you lose a lot of points in the eyes of others.

❗ Hats

Just as important as sunglasses. The right hat will not only help you protect your hair from the summer sun, but it will also give you a completely different look. It is not necessary to be too “dressy” with a Panama hat like the Pitti Uomo brothers, because it will be quite strange in the Vietnamese environment. Instead, a classic Ivy-style baseball cap is a very interesting option. Flat cap using suitable fabrics such as linen, cotton with light structure is also not a bad idea.

❗ Plaid shirt

Steve with Caccioppolli linen shirt and white cotton trouses

You always need at least one plaid shirt (vertical and vertical only) in your wardrobe, it will help the outfit not be boring, create an interesting highlight. Remember that the larger the pattern, the less formal it will be, so combine it with other items in the outfit.

❗ Patterns and spacious

There will be no more appropriate occasion for you to wear a patterned shirt in your wardrobe. A spacious Cuban collar shirt with shorts pants and sneakers or espadrilles likes to dress up classic in the summer. And yes, loose is always cooler and more comfortable than tight, so don’t torture your body. In addition, a tight outfit will also make people around have different looks in the hot weather.

❗ Shoes, small details but interesting.

No one wants to wear socks in this weather. So if you wear shoes, choose invisible socks, or if you don’t wear socks, wear sandals. Of course, with summer clothes, limit the use of dress shoes, no matter how beautiful they are. The loafer is good, or more liberal there are espadrilles, white canvas sneakers, leather sandals. When wearing shoes, be careful not to remove socks completely, if you do not want the sweat to make your smelly feet.

In addition, is there any accessory or note that you think is the “must-have” of summer?

Please comment so that we can discuss it together.

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