Explore Tuxedo: Dinner Suits That Every Man Should Have One

Tuxedo’s allure is undeniable. With its sleek lines, refined elegance, and a touch of old-world charm, this iconic attire has captivated generations. From Hollywood’s leading men to aristocrats of the past, the tuxedo has been a symbol of sophistication and style.


Don’t know much about tuxedos? Join us today as we are going to explore some interesting things about Tuxedo that men should know and discover how Tux continues to redefine elegance in the modern world.

What is Tuxedo?

The tuxedo, also known as a tux, is the epitome of refined style and elegance. It is a formal attire that exudes charm. Picture a dashing gentleman stepping into a grand event, wearing a tailored tuxedo that fits him like a second skin.

what is tuxedo
The tuxedo is characterized by its distinct features, such as the satin lapels that gracefully frame the jacket’s front, adding a touch of luxurious sheen. The pockets, expertly placed and seamlessly integrated, offer a hint of functionality while maintaining the garment’s sleek silhouette. And let’s not forget the buttons, meticulously chosen to complement the overall design and elevate the ensemble to perfection.

Accessories play a vital role in completing the tuxedo look. The bow tie is the classic choice for tuxedos, available in various styles, including self-tie and pre-tied options. Pocket squares add a touch of flair when carefully folded and inserted into the breast pocket of the jacket. Finally, cufflinks provide a stylish and functional detail, securing the cuffs of your shirt and adding a touch of sophistication.

What makes the Tuxedo interesting is its “democracy”. In a Tuxedo, all gentlemen are equal, because they all have to follow strict rules when wearing a tuxedo, which has existed since the earliest days of their birth. There is no room for creativity and fashion trends. And in contrast to the Tuxedo suits, which were worn only by upper-class men to high-class events, tuxedos have become the standard for everything from formal dinners, proms to charity dinners until the wedding.

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Tuxedo history

The story goes that, when financier James Brown Potter was invited to spend a weekend in the English countryside with the Prince of Wales in 1886, he asked tailor Henry Poole from Savile Row to suggest suitable outfits. Poole recommends a short jacket without a tail. Potter loved the jacket and decided to wear it at his year-end party at Tuxedo Park, New York country club, inspiring many imitators. That’s where the tux came from.

But not everyone is captivated by the tux. In 1898, the New York Times described a tuxedo as “a revealing and vulgar garment” worthy of being worn only on casual occasions. Still, the Tuxedo thrived because it was more affordable and easier to wash than a long tail jacket, and in 1922, Emily Post called the tux “a gentleman’s essential evening wear.” Around this time, Tuxedo rentals also began to appear.

Tuxedo vs Suit: what are the differences?

tuxedo vs suit

When it comes to formal attire, the choice between a tuxedo and a suit can make all the difference. While both options are suitable for special occasions, they possess distinct characteristics that set them apart. Let’s delve into the nuances.

The satin in tuxedo is what makes it different from suits. Tradition tuxedos have satin on lapels, buttons, pocket trim and on a side stripedown the leg of the trousers. Nowsaday, satin used on tuxedo is minimized, which only appears on lapels and a thin satin bead down the pant leg. Besides, Tuxedo for man is usually accompanied by a cummerbund or waistcoat.

On the other hand, suits are more versatile and can be worn in a variety of settings, from business meetings to social events. Suits typically have a more understated design, with regular lapels and no satin accents.

In the UK, the term “dinner suit” is commonly used instead of “tuxedo”. So, whether you opt for the formal grandeur of a tuxedo or the versatility of a suit, it ultimately depends on the occasion and the statement you wish to make.

How to put on a tuxedo

Putting on a tuxedo is like stepping into a world of sophistication and elegance. Follow these steps to ensure you look your absolute best in your dashing ensemble:

Start with a well-pressed shirt: Begin by selecting a crisp, white dress shirt that complements your tuxedo. Make sure it is clean and neatly ironed to create a polished foundation.

Slip into the trousers: Gently step into the trousers, ensuring they are pulled up to your waist. Fasten the waistband securely, using any buttons or hooks provided. Adjust the length of the trousers so they fall just above the heel of your shoe.

  • Don the jacket with finesse: Slip your arms through the jacket sleeves, one at a time. Smooth out any wrinkles and align the jacket’s lapels symmetrically. Fasten the buttons, leaving the bottom button undone for a classic look.
  • Refine with a bow tie: Tie your bow tie carefully, creating a neat and symmetrical shape. Adjust the length and center it between the collar points of your shirt. Make sure it’s snug but not too tight for comfort.
  • Add the finishing touches: Slide your feet into a pair of well-polished dress shoes that complement your tuxedo. Carefully fold and insert a pocket square into the breast pocket of your jacket, adding a stylish pop of color or texture.
  • Accessorize with confidence: Complete your ensemble with cufflinks that match your personal style and add a touch of refinement to your shirt cuffs. Consider a wristwatch or other subtle accessories that enhance your overall look.
  • Stand tall and own it: Once fully dressed, stand tall with confidence. A tuxedo exudes elegance, so wear it proudly and let your inner gentleman shine.

Remember, practicing beforehand can help you perfect the art of putting on a tuxedo. So take the time to familiarize yourself with each step, ensuring you’re ready to dazzle and make a lasting impression on any special occasion.

The vast majority of the brothers who spoke with us shared the same opinion: tuxedo is associated with luxury, and therefore it is extremely picky to use. Only noble and well-mannered characters like Jay Gatsby would wear it often. This view is so powerful that even elite men in modern society choose to hire instead of tailor a Tux when the occasion arises. They assume that a tux is not for them.

But the rich history, distinct components, and endless styling possibilities make Tuxedo for man a must-have for specific formal occasions. Owning a tuxedo offers numerous benefits, from being prepared for formal events to exuding elegance and boosting confidence. If you are looking for a Vienam tailor for a tux, let Tailor Bros help you with the perfect one.


The tuxedo is not merely a piece of clothing; it is a statement, a symbol of class and impeccable taste. Whether it’s a prom, a formal gala, a wedding, or a red-carpet event, the tuxedo stands tall as the ultimate choice for those who seek to make a lasting impression.

Whether you embrace the classic black tuxedo or explore modern variations, this iconic attire allows you to make a lasting impression. So, don your tuxedo with confidence, knowing that you embody the epitome of elegance. Step into the limelight and let the allure of the tuxedo elevate your presence, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

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