Best city in Vietnam for a custom made suit: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Hoi An?

In the bustling streets of Vietnam, a sartorial secret awaits those in search of elegance and sophistication. Nestled amidst the vibrant tapestry of this enchanting country lies the answer to every dapper gentleman’s quest for the perfect suit.

best city in Vietnam for a custom made suit

Join us as we embark on a journey to unveil the best city in Vietnam for a custom made suit, where tradition and modernity converge to create garments that exude timeless charm and reflect the unique spirit of their wearers.

Best city in Vietnam for a custom made suit

Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh city are considered the best cities in Vietnam for a custom made suit. However, each city has its own pros and cons. Let’s explore the picture of suit tailoring in the three cities and find out your own answer which one is the best.

Hoi An city for custom-made suits

Hoi An is truly considered the one of the best cities in Vietnam for sewing clothes for both men and women, where you have 500 tailors to choose from.

When it comes to bespoke tailoring in Vietnam, Hoi An reigns supreme as the unrivaled destination thanks to its cheap price. Its reputation has spread far and wide, drawing fashion-savvy individuals seeking the perfect suit. With a heritage steeped in textile production and an abundance of skilled craftsmen, Hoi An has become synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship.

hoi an best city in Vietnam for a custom made suit

Renowned for its meticulous attention to detail, Hoi An tailors offer an extensive array of fabrics, ranging from luxurious silk to fine wool and everything in between. The city’s close proximity to the silk-producing region of Da Nang ensures a bountiful selection of high-quality materials, allowing you to curate formal wear that is not only visually stunning but also exquisitely comfortable.

In addition to its impeccable tailoring, Hoi An’s affordability sets it apart from other sartorial destinations. The cost of custom-made suits in Hoi An is significantly lower compared to Western countries like UK, Italia, France, making it an attractive choice for those seeking the perfect blend of craftsmanship and value. From $100, you can get a desired custom made suit.

However, some people shared that they didn’t have a good experience when tailoring a suit in Hoi An. Because of the fast pace and cheap price, the quality and personal styles, sometimes, are not reflected in Hoi An tailored suits.

Hanoi city for custom made suits

Hanoi is home to several renowned tailors and fashion houses. These establishments boast a legacy of delivering impeccable craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and a vast selection of high-quality fabrics. From luxurious wool blends to exquisite silk options, you’ll find an array of materials to choose from when creating your garment in Hanoi.

Hanoi custom made suit

Many of Hanoi tailors have built long-standing relationships with their clients, both locally and internationally. Their expertise and attention to detail have earned them a loyal following of fashion connoisseurs who appreciate the artistry and precision that goes into every garment.

Though the price to get a suit tailored in Hanoi is probably more expensive than Hoi An’s ($200-$300 on average), the quality and style are ensured, always, especially if you come to a prestigious tailor like Tailor Bros.

When exploring Hanoi’s tailoring hotspots, be sure to research and inquire about the tailor’s reputation, previous work, and customer reviews. This will help you find a Hanoi tailor that aligns with your vision and ensures a memorable and satisfying tailoring experience.

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Ho Chi Minh City for custom made suits

Like Hanoi and Hoi An, Saigon is home to a plethora of notable tailors and ateliers, each with its own distinctive style and approach to bespoke tailoring. In recent years, Saigon has witnessed a remarkable rise in bespoke tailoring, solidifying its position as a fashion capital.

Ho chi minh suit tailoring

Not only do Saigon’s tailors excel in the art of suit-making, but they also cater to various clothing needs. Whether you’re in search of formal wear for a special event or a well-tailored business ensemble, these ateliers can create the perfect garment that exudes confidence and sophistication.

While the cost of a custom-made suit in Ho Chi Minh city may vary depending on the tailor, fabric choice, and design complexity, the city offers a range of options to suit different budgets ( $200-$400 on average). Whether you’re seeking a high-end bespoke suit or a more affordable tailored option, Saigon’s tailors can accommodate your needs without compromising on quality.

Although the sartorial trend update is a bit slow in Saigon and the price is high, the tailors there have the strength of providing wide options of materials.

Among Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh City, it’s hard to tell which one is the best city in Vietnam for a custom made suit. The answer is up to your style, budget, and your own experience with the local tailors.

So, whether you find yourself drawn to Hoi An’s timeless charm, Hanoi’s modern style, or Saigon’s cosmopolitan allure, rest assured that you have arrived in the right city in Vietnam for tailored suits. Embrace the journey, explore the vibrant tailoring scenes, and allow the skilled tailors to bring your sartorial dreams to life.

Tips for buying custom made suit in Vietnam

When it comes to acquiring a custom made suit in Vietnam, there are a few key tips for a seamless and satisfying experience. From navigating the bustling tailoring scene to understanding the cost factors, here are essential insights to help you make the most of your custom suit journey.

Research and Reputation

Before entrusting your sartorial aspirations to a tailor in Vietnam, conduct thorough research and explore the best city in Vietnam for a custom made suit review. Look for testimonials, reviews, and recommendations from previous customers to gauge the quality of their work and customer satisfaction.

Answers from Tripadvisor or threads from forums are a good source for references. But be careful. Reviews for the best city in vietnam for a custom made suit reddit may be fake or just seeding reviews.

Consultation and Communication

Schedule an initial consultation with your chosen tailor in Vietnam to discuss your style preferences, design details, and any specific requests for fabric selection, suit construction. Effective communication is crucial to ensure that your vision is understood and translated accurately into the final garment.

Fittings and Alterations

Custom suit tailoring involves multiple fittings to ensure the perfect fit. Be prepared to attend these fittings and provide feedback to the tailor. It is essential to communicate any desired alterations or adjustments to ensure your suit meets your expectations.

Cost Consideration

Custom suit prices in cities vary depending on factors such as fabric quality, design complexity, and the reputation of the tailor. While Vietnamese tailors generally offers competitive prices compared to Western countries, it’s important to have a budget in mind and discuss cost considerations with your tailor from the outset.

Cultural Etiquette

Embrace the local culture and show appreciation for the artistry and traditions of Vietnamese tailoring. Respect the tailor’s expertise, and maintain open and friendly communication throughout the process.

By following these tips, you can embark on a memorable journey to acquire your dream custom suit in Vietnam. The city’s skilled tailors, exquisite fabrics, and attention to detail will ensure that your custom-made suit becomes a true reflection of your style and individuality.


It is undeniable that Hoi An, Hanoi and Saigon stand out as the best cities in Vietnam for a tailored suit. Hoi An’s timeless charm, exquisite textiles, and skilled tailors make it a sartorial paradise that leaves a lasting impression. Meanwhile, Hanoi and Saigon’s cosmopolitan allure, blending elegance with modernity, offers a dynamic and vibrant tailoring scene that caters to diverse fashion preferences.

Hope that after reading this article, you understand the pros and cons of three cities which is considered the best city in Vietnam for a custom made suit, and have a wonderful journey with suit tailoring here.

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