The best tailors in Hoi An: 10 must-try stores for visitors

Over the past few years, Hoi An Tailors have become the top-notch choices for ready-to-wear and made-to-measure fitting shirts, suits, and dresses. Tourists coming to this ancient town want to have an Ao Dai or a bespoke suit to save memories when they are in Viet Nam.

best tailor in hoi an

Read on to explore the curation of the best tailors in Hoi An which we consider to be a cut above more than 200 tailors there, where your style desires transform into reality, one stitch at a time.

List of 10 best Hoi An tailors

Picture yourself stepping into a world where every stitch, every fabric, and every design is meticulously crafted to bring your fashion dreams to life. Here we embark on a journey to uncover the best tailors in Hoi An, guiding you through a world of bespoke elegance and impeccable craftsmanship.

Yaly Couture

yaly couture hoi an

With high-class workmanship along with rich fabrics, guaranteed quality,Yaly is the first name we want to mention if you ask which tailor is good enough in Hoi An. Yaly Couture offers unique designs for both men and women in various styles and colors.

They have scaled up to 3 in-stores in Hoi An. So you can order online or go straight to Yaly stores Yaly for a better experience.

Although the cost is a bit expensive, this shop is always the first choice for people who visit Hoi An. And if you plan to visit Hanoi, you can find something similar in a trusted Hanoi tailor and don’t forget to give it a try with Tailorbros.

Address: 358 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

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A Dong Silk

a dong silk hoi an

A Dong Silk is loved for their quality and kindness. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of the staff and their care for customers’ desires, it makes sense why A Dong Silk becomes popular in Hoi An for custom outfits. Come there, you will receive advice on fabrics and sewing styles so that they fit you perfectly. But the rich fabric pattern is what makes people love this tailor shop the most. So if you are looking for the best Hoi An tailor, try A Dong Silk.

Address: 40 Le Loi, Hoi An

Tony the tailor

tony the tailor hoi an

Having been in Hoi An for nearly 30 years, Tony the tailor is a good option you can consider. Though Tony the tailor is not located in the center, many people head to Tony the tailor because it is famous for fine workmanship, attentiveness and affordable price.

The tailor is very clever to make bespoke suits for men and he can give you useful advice when you choose the material.

Address: 294 Nguyen Huy Dieu, Hoi An

Be Be Tailor

bebe tailor hoi an

For more than 15 years, Be Be Tailor has been loved by more than 70,000 customers, because of its exquisite, unique designs, especially for each guest.

Be Be has the strength of talent in traditional tailoring, sophistication and meticulousness in every stitch. Thanks to a rich source of materials, everything is available there, with specific advice in design. With reasonable prices, there will be a perfect end product for you. Do you want to visit it? Maybe Be Be will bring you an extremely suitable and flattering outfit!

Address: Be Be 1, 05-07 Hoang Dieu, Hoi An

Kimmy Tailor

kimmy tailor hoi an

Kimmy Tailor stands out for menswear, owned and operated by a Vietnamese-Canadian couple

Tailored products there are made of unlimited materials! From fabric selection to buttons and seams, Kimmy Tailor works with you, to create a look that makes you feel special.

If you still haven’t found your fashion style? Don’t be shy and worried, Kimmy will help you find out what you need and want!”. This is what they support customers.

Address: 70 Tran Hung Dao, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Cloth Shop Su

cloth shop su

In the list of Hoi An tailors, Cloth Shop Su is just a small store but it is renowned for being beautiful with a variety of fabrics, enthusiasm and price.

The advantage of Cloth Shop Su is quality clothes with good tailors. But the weakness is the overload of orders, leading to reduced product quality. So, check your outfit carefully before paying in full. Maybe it will be more attractive than the big stores!

Address: Cloth Shop Su, 48 Tran Dung Dao, Hoi An, Quang Nam

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Lana tailor

lana tailor

For anyone who is looking for the best tailors in Hoi An, Lana Tailor is not a bad idea. While Lana’s array of options may lean slightly towards the ladies, fear not, for the sheer brilliance showcased here has the power to leave anyone breathless. Immerse yourself in their infectious passion for their craft, as their warmth and hospitality create an atmosphere that transforms mere shopping into an extraordinary journey.

If you choose Lana, just forget your old ordinary ways and let Lana Say weave its magic.We ensure your fashion desires are not just met, but surpassed in ways you never thought possible.

Address: 54 Le Loi, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Mr Xe II Tailor

mr xe tailor

There are many designs here for you to choose from. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to travel to Hoi An and you want to find a quality tailor shop with a reasonable price, Mr. Xe II Tailor is one of the perfect choices.

Address: 71 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Bao Khanh Silk Tailor

bao khanh silk

Rated as a trendy Hoi An tailor because of its ability to update fashion trends, Bao Khanh Silk Tailor is very nice to look for casual and party outfits.

Bao Khanh has a variety of silk fabrics and skilled workers. More than that, prices are suitable for everyone.

Did you know that this tailor shop was voted by Sunday Times Travel magazine as the number 1 tailor shop in Vietnam and ranked 2nd in the list of the top 25 tailors in the world. Therefore, this is one of the best choices for the best tailors in Hoi An.

Address: 101 Tran Hung Dao, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam

B’lan Silk

B’lan Silk

B’lan Silk is famous for being one of the cheap Hoi An tailors with ancient style, especially, it is located in an old house built 200 years ago.

Coming to this tailor, visitors will experience extremely interesting sewing, will be assisted in choosing fabrics, choosing designs, and interacting with many delicate and funny tailors. In just 3-4 hours, you will have a really satisfactory outfit for yourself.

While you wait for your product, you can tour around the house. Come to B’lan Silk to feel it!

Address: 23 Tran Phu, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Essential tips for a successful tailoring experience in Hoi An

Embark on a thrilling tailoring adventure in Hoi An with these essential tips then you will have perfect garments as you wish.

  • Visualize your style
  • Express yourself clearly
  • Bring visual inspiration
  • Ensure precise measurements
  • Request fittings for perfection
  • Embrace local culture in your design

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of bespoke fashion, where your unique style becomes a wearable masterpiece that reflects your personality and captures the essence of Hoi An’s extraordinary craftsmanship.


The journey to find the best tailors in Hoi An is going to come to a magnificent close. Through the bustling streets and hidden gems of this fashion paradise, we have delved deep into the tapestry of craftsmanship, passion, and personalized style. From Lana’s captivating collection to the rich traditions that permeate this town, we have witnessed the magic that unfolds when talent and vision converge. The search for the perfect bespoke garments may seem daunting, but fear not, for Hoi An tailors stand ready to adorn you in sartorial splendor.

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