Western Wedding Attire: All The Things Men Need to Know

Are you ready to saddle up for the most stylish journey down the aisle? Western wedding attire is here to make your special day a true showstopper. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the world of Western-inspired fashion for grooms and guests in the entire wedding party.

Whether you’re envisioning a rustic ranch celebration or a boho-chic affair, let’s explore the exquisite details and accessories of Western wedding attire. Get ready to say “I do” in an unforgettable style that’s as vast as the open prairie.

How to dress western wedding attire for groom

Finally, the moment has arrived—the day you say “I do.” And amidst the joy, you face the challenge of dressing impeccably in Western wedding attire for grooms. Let’s embark on this style adventure together, exploring the world of suits and tuxedos, wedding pants and shirts, and alluring accessories.

Suit and tuxedo

A tuxedo really works for western wedding vibes. However, exercise caution since wearing a tuxedo requires skill, and investing a substantial amount of money might not yield frequent use. Our tailors are also afraid of Tuxedos sold in Chinese market with their ill-fitting jackets, short lapels, and shiny yet inexpensive silk. On the most important day of your life, never compromise on your appearance.

tuxedo wedding attire

A bespoke suit, on the other hand, is a beloved garment for west wedding attire for men. On your wedding day, wearing a suit is inevitable. And we won’t dwell on the complaints that it could make you sweat a lot in the summer. Instead, let’s focus on mastering the art of dressing well in a wedding suit.

When it comes to wedding suits, the color is vital. Regardless of the youthful and personal nature of your wedding, black remains a timeless choice. Additionally, consider dark shades such as brown or navy blue. Avoid purplish-blue or dark blue tones, as they might give the impression of an office worker rather than a groom.

The shoulders are the cornerstone of a well-fitted suit. Contrary to everyday suits, wedding suits should feature slightly padded shoulders, exuding dignity and elegance befitting such a momentous occasion. If possible, opt for a bespoke suit, as it is a rare investment that truly pays off. Moreover, many reputable tailors allow minor adjustments to accommodate weight fluctuations

Besides, pay attention to the suit jacket details like Lapel, chest pocket, buttons, vents.

  • Lapel: Lapel choice depends on the body. Big people use big ticks, small people use small ticks, but don’t be too small. Lapels come in 3 types: The Notch lapel, the Peak lapel and the Shawl lapel. Particularly, the Shawl lapel type is often used for the tuxedo, and the other two types you can choose to use.
  • Chest bag: DO NOT USE WHITE BRACKET BAGS with a fake pocket square. It will make you look cheap.
  • Body: With or without front darts. In our opinion, a modern suit cannot be without darts, it is an important part to help you form a better body, make your chest fuller and your waist slimmer from any angle. The British and Italian tailoring methods are now using front darts.
  • Buttons: The common type is a suit jacket with 2 buttons, and always remember to BUTTON ONLY. With a 3-button suit jacket, the middle button should be buttoned. The 1-button type should not be used in weddings, the same way to use the 2-button suit jacket.
  • Buttons: There are 3 types of Nonkissing (separate buttons), Kissing nonstacked (closed buttons but not pressed), and Kissing stacked (buttons overlap). Just like the buttons on the bodice, use any type, open or not (attached to the sleeve) as you like.
  • Body slit: There are also 3 styles, namely Double vent (slit on both sides), Single vent (slit in the middle) and No vent (no split). The double vent is typical of British suits, and we recommend using it for your most important suit.

If you are look for a bespoke tailored suits for wedding suits and tuxedos, let Tailor Bros help with bespoke western wedding attire that perfectly fit you.

Wedding pants

When it comes to Western wedding attire for grooms, pants play a crucial role in completing the ensemble. The color of pant must be in harmony with the suit’s color. The same color is perfect.

The form of pants stops at the slim-fit level, don’t “play” the skinny style like some pants are still sold in the shop. The length of the wedding pants is “enough break” or “half break” (the pants lightly touch the shoes, the pants have no folds) is just right, “no break” is not bad, but in our opinion, there should be laziness (folding), so it looks more elegant, and especially a MUST GO ALL.

Besides, wedding pants should be pleated type, it fits perfectly with the loose bear slim-fit form and makes you look more elegant and luxurious. It is also a highlight on a pair of pants that are not too noticeable.

The facade is done. At the back, the back pocket should be simple, avoiding the box pocket style like some current dress pants. Suit jackets are not meant to be worn with pants with such pockets.

Wedding shirts

The wedding shirt is a canvas for expressing the groom’s personality while staying true to the Western theme. Crisp white shirts are a classic choice, but you can also experiment with soft pastel shades or muted tones like light blue or lavender. Consider shirts with subtle Western-inspired details, such as pearl snap buttons or embroidered accents, for an authentic touch.

wedding shirt

Shirts that go with a suit, especially a luxury suit like a wedding suit, cannot be the same as a regular shirt. First of all, it has to be “bespoke” for you. This style of shirt is called a dress shirt. But what makes a dress shirt different from a regular shirt? If the regular shirt is divided into 3 sizes S, M, L (small, medium, large), the dress shirt is conventional in terms of collar size and sleeve length.

The collar of a dress shirt must be designed so that it does not bulge, crease, or lose shape when a tie or bow is tucked inside. The material of the shirt is also richer and more polished than a regular shirt

Accessories for western wedding attire


Accessories are the key to standing out in your western-inspired wedding attire. Let’s explore the must-haves for gentlemen in suits:

  • Shoes: Opt for black oxfords or an elegant monk strap.
  • Pocket Square: Choose a white one, unless you already have a wedding flower arrangement in your chest pocket.
  • Cufflinks: Luxurious and reserved for bespoke shirts.
  • Tie/Bow: Wear a bow with a Shawl lapel vest/waist, or choose a hot-colored tie for a vibrant touch.
  • Socks: Stick to textured or plain socks in black or dark shades to maintain an elegant look.

With these stylish accessories, you’ll enhance your wedding ensemble and exude confidence on your special day.

Readmore: custom tailored suits

Mens western wedding attire for guests

Attending a wedding is not only a celebration of love but also an opportunity to showcase your personal style. If you’ve received an invitation to a Western-themed wedding, it’s time to explore the perfect ensemble that will make you stand out as a well-dressed guest. Let’s delve into the world of men’s Western wedding attire for guests.

Remember, when selecting your attire as a guest, aim for a balance between Western-inspired elements and formal elegance. This will ensure that you’re dressed to impress while honoring the theme of the occasion. Don’t abuse of what we have shared above for grooms. You can think of western cowboy wedding attire style or a simple suit. That depends on the wedding theme.

western wedding attire for guests

Pair your Western shirt with a well-fitted pair of jeans or slacks. Opt for dark-washed denim for a casual yet sophisticated look or choose tailored slacks for a more polished appearance.

Embrace the Western spirit with a stylish cowboy hat. Opt for a quality hat that complements your outfit and adds a touch of charm to your overall look.

Enhance your look with Western-inspired accessories such as a statement belt buckle, a bolo tie, or a leather wristband. These small details will elevate your ensemble and showcase your attention to style.

Just some small ideas that can help you impress yet don’t show off.

Popular western-inspired trends for men attire

As Western weddings continue to evolve, so do the trends in wedding attire. Whether you’re the groom, a groomsman, or a guest, embracing the latest Western wedding attire trends will ensure you look stylish and on-point.

  • Boho-Chic Western: This trend exudes effortless elegance and allows you to showcase your free-spirited nature.
  • Rustic Ranch Style: This trend combines ruggedness with refined style, perfect for an outdoor Western celebration.
  • Vintage Western: This trend exudes nostalgia and adds a touch of old-world charm to your ensemble.

Where to buy mens western attire for a wedding

Western boutiques, online retailers, and local tailors are three of the best choices to buy mens western attire for wedding.

Western boutiques offer a wide range of mens western attire, from tailored suits to stylish accessories but the price is quite expensive.

Buying from online retailers is convenient and time-saving but the quality and fit is not guaranteed sometimes.

In our opinion, going to a local tailor is the best option of all. They can create bespoke suits and garments that perfectly fit your body and style preferences. You can consult with them whatever to bring your vision to life.

Bottom line

In conclusion, choosing the perfect western wedding attire can be a daunting task, but with a little bit of research, creativity, and personal style, you can create a look that is both unique and timeless. So go ahead, saddle up, and ride off into the sunset in style! Hope guideline from Tailorbros helps you out.

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