Turtleneck sweater – the “winter shirt” (or Ways to wear turtleneck sweater in classic menswear)

The weather in Hanoi has been extremely cold lately. The temperature is often lower than 15 degrees Celsius, making the layering sets with traditional shirts, cardigans and blazers become too fragile, even when the outside is covered with an overcoat. We tend to stick more often with warm turtleneck sweaters, and because of the limited quantity, we have to find many ways to “transform” them for more variety. And below, we list some ways to use turtleneck sweaters to keep you look fresh, even if there are only 2-3 turtleneck sweaters in your closet.

Traditional combo: Suit/blazer over turtleneck

If you still want to wear a suit/blazer in winter, replace your shirt with a turtleneck. Both warm and relaxing. Instead of having to wonder which tie/neckerchief to choose, you don’t need to “decorate” the neck anymore because the “necklace” has done that task. But note that to avoid a slightly dull outfit, impress with pocket squares, and if possible a pattern or texture on the jacket.

One more thing to keep in mind when wearing a turtleneck under a jacket/blazer suit is that the jacket needs to look a little less formal and loose, because the turtleneck is already a less formal item. In addition, turtleneck neck and sleeve length also need to be paid attention to, because if the neck is too long, it will make the fold down too much, not looking good and can cause a flare when worn. Sleeves that are too long or too short will affect the outfit just as much as shirt sleeves.

Overcoat with turtleneck

Easier to wear than a suit jacket/blazer as the sleeve length of the overcoat is usually longer than the sleeve of the jacket, and the overcoat itself is also more eye-catching, drawing attention away from the turtleneck’s fit inside. Usually I don’t wear this combo, but for good application, there needs to be a decent balance between the level of formality of items around turtleneck such as coat, pants and shoes. A formal overcoat should be combined with wool pants, western shoes or dress boot. In contrast, a raglan overcoat with a houndstooth checked pattern, for example, use jeans/khaki/corduroy or any other casual material, as long as it’s warm enough.

Safari jacket/casual jacket with turtleneck

Did you notice my combos in this post? I am sorting from formal to less formal (casual). And the safari jacket/casual jacket worn over the turtleneck is an extremely convenient and comfortable combo. If choosing a safari jacket, use thick materials like corduroy or thick cotton.

Turtleneck with flannel shirt, interesting combo for winter

I’m crazy about the turtleneck sweater and flannel shirt combo these days. Just adding a thick outer layer of jacket is quite enough to withstand the cold weather. More importantly, this combo looks very cool, especially when you choose the tartan checked flannel shirts. Another good thing about this combo is that there is no need to pay too much attention to the short length of the turtleneck like when wearing a suit jacket/blazer. It doesn’t matter if the sleeves are a little long or a little short. Just pay attention to choose a slightly spacious flannel shirt, with slightly casual details. Finally, complete the set with a pair of jeans or Khaki and a pair of derby shoes.

Finally, here are some interesting facts about turtleneck sweaters.

In 1996, Tom Junod wrote a piece for GQ Magazine, which was nominated for a National Magazine Award. Simply titled “My Father’s Fashion Tips”, the article details the style of Tom’s father, a famous fashion icon. In the article, the most interesting part is Tom’s father’s absolute belief in turtleneck sweaters. It is considered the most beautiful item a man can wear, with great versatility. The turtleneck is beautiful because it’s “perfect for a man in a sharp outfit with his face perched on a pedestal – literally and figuratively”.

Mark Cho of The Armory also said: “Anyone can wear a turtleneck. I like to roll the collar twice so it doesn’t cover the neck too much, then wear it over the shirt, leaving the collar slightly exposed”.

Turtleneck sweater is that such great. If you don’t have one, go buy one (or more) for yourself, and you won’t only wear it for 1-2 years. Wishing you all the best through these cold winter days.

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