The Ultimate Guide To Wearing a Suit at College – From Campus to Classy

Wearing a suit at college signifies more than just a fashion statement. It represents a shift towards self-assurance and a commitment to personal and professional growth.

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Picture this: a bustling college campus, filled with students hustling to their classes, their backpacks slung over their shoulders. Amidst this sea of casual attire, there’s a figure that stands out – a student confidently striding across the campus, clad in a well-tailored suit. While it may seem unconventional, wearing a suit at college is a powerful statement that can transform not only your appearance but also your mindset.

In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of suits at college, exploring the benefits they offer, and questioning whether students truly embrace this trend.

Do Students Wear Suits At College?

While wearing a men’s suit at college may not be the norm, striding through the college campus in a sharp suit is like stepping into a parallel universe where style and sophistication collide with the sea of hoodies and jeans. It’s a daring deviation from the usual fashion scene that demands attention and respect.

Why reserve such refined attire for just special occasions? Embrace the power of the suit and make every day a memorable one. As you gracefully navigate through lectures and study sessions, your tailored threads become a symbol of your determination and drive. Your professors, caught off guard by your sartorial audacity, can’t help but take notice, acknowledging your seriousness and commitment to your education.

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Wearing a suit at university isn’t just about impressing others; it’s about the transformation you experience within yourself. The moment you button up that suit jacket, a surge of confidence washes over you. Suddenly, you find yourself standing taller, speaking with conviction, and conquering the challenges that come your way. The suit becomes your armor, a tangible representation of your aspirations and potential.

So, if you, or anyone else asked me, “Do students wear suits at college?” Yes, they do, and this is more than just a sartorial choice, but a statement of change, ambition, and a touch of rebellion.

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How to wear a suit at a college

Wearing a suit at college requires a careful balance between formal and casual elements. Here are some tips to help you navigate this sartorial challenge:

Dress it down

Before deciding to wear a suit, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the dress code of your college or university. While some institutions may encourage formal attire on specific occasions, others may have more relaxed guidelines. It is always better to be aware of the expectations before making a fashion statement.

Achieving the perfect balance between formal and casual requires a skillful adaptation of your suit attire. Instead of wearing a full formal suit, learn to mix and match. Combine your suit jacket with jeans, a T-shirt, or a polo for a relaxed yet refined ensemble. Also, consider experimenting with different materials, such as chambray or denim, which can add a touch of casual flair to your outfit.

In addition to jeans, you can opt for earth-toned chinos, wool trousers, or corduroys as alternatives to traditional suit trousers. These pants provide a more comfortable feel while still maintaining style and sophistication. Experiment with different colors such as olive green, tan, or burgundy to add some variety to your wardrobe and showcase your individuality.

This mix-and-match approach allows you to maintain the elegance of a suit while embracing the relaxed atmosphere of college life. By switching up the materials and combining formal and casual pieces, you strike the ideal harmony between elegance and relaxation.

Explore Ivy League style

When selecting a suit for college, opt for a style that reflects your personality and fits well. If you’re looking to embrace a more traditional collegiate style, consider the Ivy Style. Originating from the students of Ivy League universities, the Ivy League Style embodies a classic and preppy aesthetic that suits college students perfectly.

Ivy League style

To achieve this classic look, you’ll want to invest in a few essential items. Opt for a navy blazer with metal buttons for a traditional touch, or consider a striped or taped boating blazer to add a distinctive and unique flair to your ensemble.

In addition to the navy blazer, tweed and herringbone sport jackets are excellent choices for embracing the Ivy Style. These textured fabrics add depth and visual interest to your outfits, while also providing a nod to the sartorial traditions associated with the Ivy League. Look for sport coats with two or three buttons at the cuff, as this detail is a hallmark of classic tailoring. Moreover, consider jackets with flap or patch pockets, as they not only offer a functional element but also contribute to the overall vintage-inspired aesthetic.

Complete the Ivy Style look by pairing your chosen blazer or sport coat with other key wardrobe staples. Oxford button-down shirts in classic colors like white, light blue, or university stripes work exceptionally well. Crew neck and V-neck sweaters are perfect for the colder seasons, adding layers and texture to your ensemble.

Accessorize wisely

Accessories play a crucial role in elevating your suit game in a college setting. These little details can make or break a suit ensemble, so choose wisely.

The tie, in particular, is a quintessential element of any suit look. Choose ties that complement your outfit and reflect your personal style. Avoid smooth silk ties, as they convey a more formal vibe. Instead, striped or repp ties, with repeated stripes in complementing or contrasting colors, are an excellent choice for a subtle yet statement-making accessory.

knit ties

Grenadine or plain knit ties are equally preppy and versatile. They add a touch of texture and casualness to your outfit while remaining classic and sophisticated. This unique combination of simplicity and elegance allows them to seamlessly blend into any college environment, effortlessly elevating your overall style with a casual charm.

Adding a pocket square, tie, or lapel pin can also elevate your outfit and make it stand out. However, remember to keep it tasteful and avoid going overboard.

Select appropriate footwear

In terms of footwear, it’s important to choose options that not only reflect your personal style but also prioritize comfort.

Among college students, loafers have become a highly sought-after choice. Specifically, penny loafers and tassel loafers have gained popularity due to their versatility and fashion-forward appeal.

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Additionally, other shoe styles like Derby shoes, bucks, and Chelsea boots also prove to be excellent choices in a college setting. These shoes offer a harmonious blend of casual and formal aesthetics, enabling you to strike the perfect balance without appearing overly dressed up, all while ensuring utmost comfort throughout your various school activities.

Tips for choosing the first suit for college students

Determine your budget

A good suit is an investment that should be approached with a budget in mind. While it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest option available, remember that quality matters. A well-made suit will not only fit better but also last longer, providing a better overall experience. Take the time to assess your financial situation and decide how much you’re willing to invest in a suit. Consider it as an essential piece of your professional wardrobe that will serve you well beyond your college years.

Fit is key

When it comes to suits, fit is paramount and plays a significant role in your overall appearance. Most ready-to-wear suits are designed generically, and finding a perfect fit straight away is rare. Ill-fitting suits not only fail to flatter your figure but can also make you look unprofessional or even immature. On the other hand, a suit that has been expertly tailored to your body can enhance your confidence, create a sleek silhouette, and leave a lasting impression.

That’s why it’s crucial to take the extra step and visit a skilled tailor who can work their magic to ensure that your suit complements your unique body shape and proportions. Tailoring involves making subtle adjustments to various components of the suit to achieve a personalized fit. These alterations can transform a suit that hangs loosely or bunches awkwardly into one that accentuates your best features and flatters your physique.

In addition to tailoring the suit itself, it’s also worth considering investing in custom-tailored shirts and pants. Just like a well-tailored suit, custom-made garments offer a level of refinement and polish that is hard to match with off-the-rack options.

Consider versatility

Another important consideration is the versatility of the suit. As a college student, you want a suit that can adapt to various occasions and dress codes. Opt for a suit in a classic color such as navy blue or charcoal gray. These colors are timeless and can be easily paired with various shirts and ties. Solid or subtle patterns like pinstripes are also a safe choice, as they add a touch of sophistication without being overly flashy.

When selecting the fabric for your suit, consider the climate and the purpose of the suit. Lightweight fabrics like wool or cotton blends are ideal for year-round wear, as they provide breathability and comfort even in warmer weather. On the other hand, heavier materials like tweed or flannel are suitable for colder seasons, offering insulation and warmth. Choosing the right fabric ensures that your suit is not only stylish but also practical for the environment you’re in, thus allowing you to maximize the usage of your suit, making it a worthwhile investment.

Seek professional guidance

Choosing the right suit for college students can be a daunting task. Therefore, seeking professional guidance is highly recommended to ensure the best fit and style. Visiting a reputable tailor or men’s clothing store can provide valuable insights and assistance throughout the selection process. Experts in the field can help students find a suit that suits their body shape, personal style, and the college environment.

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Tailor Bros, a renowned Hanoi tailor and men’s clothing store, offers bespoke suits with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that you receive a suit that is truly tailored to your needs as a college student. Whether you need a suit for school, university events, or internships, Tailor Bros can guide you through the process and help you find the perfect fit. With their expertise, you can achieve a polished and sophisticated look that sets you apart from your peers.


In conclusion, wearing a suit at college can be a game-changer. It not only allows you to make a positive impression but also boosts your confidence and prepares you for the professional world. By following the tips mentioned above and seeking professional guidance from experts like Tailor Bros, you can find the perfect suit that complements your personal style and helps you stand out in any college setting. So go ahead, embrace the power of a well-fitted suit, and set yourself apart as a stylish and confident college student.

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