How much is a tailored suit in Vietnam? Unlocking the cost

Ever wondered, “How much is a tailored suit in Vietnam?” Let’s dive into the world of finely stitched threads and bespoke elegance that won’t break the bank! From bustling street markets to high-end boutiques, Vietnam’s tailoring industry is a hidden gem waiting to be explored, promising perfect fits and incredible value for your money. So, fasten your seatbelts, fashion enthusiasts, because we’re taking a thrilling sartorial journey to the heart of Vietnam.

How much is a tailored suit in Vietnam

How much is a tailored suit in Vietnam?

You might think obtaining a tailored suit is an expensive affair, but Vietnam is set to challenge that notion! Here, a bespoke suit can range anywhere between a friendly $200 to a luxurious $5000 USD. The secret to this vast range lies in the elements that weave the magic of the suit: fabric quality, suit structure, intricate detailing, the expertise of the tailoring house, and product delivery time.

Opt for the smooth touch of high-quality fabrics, and the price gently ascends. Desire a complex suit structure and the meticulous detail, and the cost reflects the craftsmanship. Of course, a tailoring house with years of experience under its belt commands a higher premium. But rest assured, every penny spent is an investment into sartorial excellence. If speed is of essence, prepare to invest a little more for expedited delivery.

If you are wondering How much is a tailored suit in Hanoi Vietnam? The answer is the same, from $200 to $4000 (approximately 5,000,000 to 100,000,000 vnd) or more

So, in Vietnam, tailored suits aren’t just about the cost; they’re about the bespoke experience that truly fits your style and budget!

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Detailed price segments of tailored suits in Vietnam

The detailed price list for men’s bespoke tailoring in Vietnam for the year 2023 can be categorized into four segments: low-end, standard, high-end, and luxury. Each segment provides a cost range in VND or USD, explains the quality of materials and construction used, and outlines the pros and cons of each tier.

Low end suits

Tailored suits in low-end segment (<$300)

Looking for a budget-friendly tailored suit in Vietnam? Dive into the low-end segment, where you can score a custom suit for less than $300 or under 7,000,000 VND! These affordable suits typically employ materials like polyester or a polyester-wool blend – cost-effective options that keep prices low.

Generally, these suits feature fused construction, which is a quick and economical method. The advantages are pretty sweet: quick tailoring time and a light tug on your wallet. However, there’s a flip side.

These lower-cost fabrics can be susceptible to frequent wrinkling and fading. Plus, the fused interlining might develop air bubbles in extreme weather. So, while you’ll save on costs, be prepared for these potential trade-offs.

Tailored suits in standard segment ($300-$1000)

Stepping up from the budget range, let’s enter the realm of standard tailored suits in Vietnam ranging from 7,000,000 to 20,000,000 VND. Here, the fabric quality sees a notable leap, featuring brands like Lord & Taylor and Cavani, with a smoothness rating from Super 100s to 130s. The structure of these suits upgrades to half-canvas, boosting the suit’s durability and shape.

This segment offers an enticing balance of price and quality, becoming a favorite for many. However, as we climb the price ladder, wait times for tailoring can extend, a small price to pay for this enhanced level of sophistication. So, if you’re seeking good quality without breaking the bank, this range offers an excellent middle ground.

Tailored suits in high-end segment ($1000-$4000)

high end suit in vietnam tailor bros

Shifting into the high gear, we’re now exploring the high-end segment of tailored suits in Vietnam, ranging from 20,000,000 vnd to 100,000,000 vnd. These masterpieces are crafted using some of the finest materials on the market, such as premium wool, silk blends, or even cashmere. Half or full-canvas constructions are the norms here, contributing to a superior silhouette and enhanced durability.

The major selling point? These suits resist frequent wear and tear remarkably well. On the other hand, this sartorial excellence comes at a premium, and you might find yourself waiting a bit longer for your suit. Yet, for those appreciating luxury and longevity, this range offers unparalleled value.

Tailored suits in Vietnam in luxury segment (>$4000)

Welcome to the crème de la crème, the luxury segment of tailored suits in Vietnam, where prices start at 100,000,000 vnd and can go beyond your wildest dreams. This league is reserved for only the most discerning suit wearers, offering the pinnacle of quality, style, and craftsmanship. The materials in use are nothing short of opulent – think Loro Piana, Scabal, Dormeuil fabrics or even ultra-luxurious fabrics embedded with gold threads or diamond fragments. We’re talking Super 160s and above, the epitome of smoothness and sophistication. And brands that can provide truly luxury suits in Vietnam are rare.

In this segment, full-canvas construction is a standard, ensuring the suit drapes perfectly and breathes excellently. These suits are crafted with the utmost precision, offering longevity and an outstanding silhouette. But remember, such top-notch quality comes at a high cost and may require a longer wait.

However, if you have the budget and patience, these luxury suits will not just meet but exceed your sartorial expectations. After all, nothing says unique elegance like a suit woven with diamond fragments or gold threads. So, if you’re ready to turn heads and make a powerful statement, this segment is your ultimate destination.

Factors affecting the price of tailored suits in Vietnam

The price of tailored suits in Vietnam is influenced by several key factors, each contributing to the overall cost:

  1. Fabric quality: High-quality materials like silk, wool, or cashmere are more expensive than synthetic fabrics or blends. The price escalates with the rarity or exclusivity of the fabric, like gold-thread weaves or diamond fragments.
  2. Suit Structure: Suits can be fused, half-canvassed, or full-canvassed. Fused suits are the most economical, while full-canvas suits, offering superior shape and longevity, command a higher price.
  3. Detailing: Detailed craftsmanship, such as hand-stitched lapels or working sleeve buttons, adds to the cost.
  4. Tailoring House’s Experience: Tailors with a rich heritage, high skill level, and extensive experience typically charge more, reflecting their expertise.
  5. Product Delivery Time: If a quick turnaround is required, it might incur additional charges for expedited services.
  6. Branding: Renowned tailoring houses or brands might have a premium attached to their services due to their market reputation and customer trust.

Remember, the cost of a suit isn’t just about the price tag; it’s an investment in quality, craftsmanship, and personal style.


The answer to “How much is a tailored suit in Vietnam?” truly depends on your preferences for fabric quality, suit structure, tailoring expertise, and timeline. While the costs vary, remember that each tailored suit is an investment in your personal style and confidence. For those seeking high-end and luxury bespoke experiences in Vietnam, visit Tailor Bros. We’ll guide you through the enchanting world of Vietnam tailor bespoke, helping you find the perfect fit that echoes your personality. Embrace the art of bespoke tailoring with Tailor Bros, and let your suit do the talking!

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