Full Canvas vs Half Canvas vs Fused: How to tell the difference and How to choose the best one?

A lot of the time you go to a suit store, there are a variety of options to choose from. It’s so confusing with the right type of suit we need to buy. Now you have all heard about full canvas suits, half canvas suits, and fused suits. How do you choose one?

In this article, we tell you some comparisons of full canvas vs half canvas vs fused suits. Then you would know which one is your best option?

Understand canvas in suit construction

full canvas vs half canvas vs fused cover

Canvas is typically made of animal hair, mainly horse and camel hair, different types of cotton, or polyester. The wool and animal hair can be molded using humidity, pressure and heat, and the fibers will retain a shape.

Horse and camel hair are typically chosen to make canvas because they are lightweight but very resilient. Hair from the mane is softer while hair from the tail is quite stiff and wiry. Different types of fiber will be woven in combination with wool and or cotton to produce various grades of canvas and haircloth to build the foundational structure of a coat.

The canvas plays a crucial role in suit construction, providing structure, shape, and a superior fit. It acts as the foundation, determining the overall quality and longevity of the garment.

In the photo below, from left to right, are haircloth, which has a lot of roll due to the horse tail strands; wrapped hair cloth which is softer and less expensive; wool canvas; and the black item is fusible. Check it and you will see the role of canvas in shaping suits more clearly.

Before we delve into three types of suits, it’s important to mention things that people look for in a tailored suit. Firstly, it’s the fit. Secondly, it is fabric. And the third is the construction of a suit.

canvas in suit construction

The way that a suit fits is always determined by the way it is constructed. Similar to what a skeleton is to your body, the canvas sort keeps the shape of your suit. If you don’t have canvas in your suit, it seems like you have a loose sweater.

Full canvas vs half canvas vs fused suit: how to tell the difference

full canvas vs half canvas vs fused

Full canvas is the most luxurious option. Usually, with a full canvas suit, the price is a bit more expensive than the other options. However, durability, weight, and other things are optimized. They weigh a little bit heavier and last longer. It seems like you are wearing armor on you.

A full canvas suit is basically interlined with canvas in the chest to the lower part of the jacket in full. The canvas will take form and the tension of your body. To understand more about the structure, and tips to identify full-canvassed suits, refer to our blog about the full canvas.

On the other hand, half canvas is a less expensive option. In this suit construction, canvas only goes half of your jacket and the button part of the jacket is not canvassed. A lot of people do like half canvas suits because the jackets tend to be lighter and a little bit more free-flowing at the bottom of the jacket. It creates a softer feel overall.

Finally, fused suits are the most budget-friendly option. The fabrics in fused suits can be produced at a lot quicker rate and pressed together. Another thing is that fused suits tend to be less flexible and if you have ever had bubbling that happens around the lapel area when you dry-clean your suit, it’s because your suit is fused. Usually, you’d find them inside an off-the-rack store.

Which type should you opt for?

So between full canvas vs half canvas vs fused, which option is the best for you?

Obviously, if you are looking for a more luxurious option, you should choose full canvas suits. Though it is more expensive, at the same time, it gives you durability and a better look.

If you are in between budget and quality, go to the half canvas suit option. It’s beautiful, more affordable, and lighter. What a great option.

Finally, if you are really sensitive to your budget or price, a fused suit is what you need. You can still get a good fit, though it’s not a great fit, but you can save money.


Construction, durability, and price are three main things you need to remember when comparing full canvas vs half canvas vs fused suits. This blog from Tailor Bros has helped you understand the differences in these three types of suits.

If you are looking for a Vietnam tailored suit, visit us to receive recommendations that are worth your spending.

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