Office suit (uniform suit), what’s different?

Many businesses, from small to large, choose suits as uniforms. But there is no standard for uniform suit. So how should the suit – uniform be designed, similar to and different from a regular suit?

Uniform suit fabric

The fabric for the uniform doesn’t have to be high quality. Instead, choose a wool blended with polyester. Though it somewhat reduces the air permeability of the material, but increases its durability and ease of maintenance. Poly-blend fabric can be worn every day, saving costs, if you miss washing it with water, it will not affect the surface and shape too much.

Suit Jacket

If the details on a regular suit can be easily varied from formal to casual, the uniform suit should focus on simplicity and formality. The lapel style should be notch, 2-button, basic cross chest pocket, 4-button sleeve, full lining (lining is also uniform), flapped hip pockets and double-vented back.

Regarding the silhouette, the uniform jacket should have a moderate width, comfortable enough to wear to work all day long, but not too baggy.


Because of the simplicity mentioned, the pants of the uniform suit should have loops to wear the belt. Although belts are not inherently an item that brings the highest level of formality, in the context of modern society, belts are undeniably still a more familiar item than side-tabs or suspenders in the office environment.

Pants should have 1 pleat or no pleat, no cuff – an unnecessary detail for uniforms. The pants width is moderate, slightly hugging to match the majority aesthetic. The length should be half-break, just formal enough when wearing dress shoes.


About the uniform shirt, just like the jacket, comfort must be a top priority. Therefore, the shirt should be a bit loose instead of slim, have a pleat or two on the back to increase movement, have a chest pocket (left side) for convenient storage of pens, cards, small objects, and cufflinks cuff should be avoided. The collar of the shirt should be English spread, the most suitable collar style both with and without a tie.

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