How our suit is made and why it worths your time

For the travellers who visit Vietnam, tailoring a suit is considered “a must” experience due to the worldwide-famous craftsmanship and the reasonable price. Among numerous Viet tailors, what make Tailor Bros stand out? 

Firstly, our house style is getting better over time.

One may argued that the the artists are tend to be a little conservative, that’s not true in our case. Tailor Bros are proud to promote the constant learning spirit. We learn form the best tailors in the world, we learn from our customers to deliver the best suit that everyone is proud of – the one which is not only stylist but also stands the test of time. This leads to the second reason:

Foreign customers love us.

Knowing the time limitation of some tourists in Hanoi, we can customize the tailor procedure to fit the travel timeline. Customer will go for at least one time of fitting (normally the second one) before receiving the finished products. We take care each of our customer like a brother; and from New York to Seattle, from Seoul to Paris, we have bros all over the world.

Tailor Bros is where Viet craftsmanship meets World standard, we are one of the most trusted tailors for tourist to Vietnam.

Now let us have a closer look at How our suit is made

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Spencer Phillips
Spencer Phillips
2 years ago

Hey, Bros. You made a great blue blazer and a couple of shirts for me in the spring. My Fiancee wants to have Áo dài made for me for wedding pics. I wonder if you still have my measurements for me to send her. (Yes, I’ll be wearing that blazer for the party, too!). I don’t think you have measurements for trousers, but I can send those.

2 years ago

Do you make mens suits for women and if so since how soon can you make for a tourist?

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