Everything you need to know about dress shoes

In menswear, finding the right shoe will completely take your elegance to the next level. Therefore, we will help you better understand 5 types of dress shoes so that your mix-and-match become easier than ever.


When it comes to the men’s leather shoe designs, perhaps we all implicitly understand that Oxford is King. Oxford is all you need to show your class without being “exaggerated”.

It could be easily recognized with low-heel, closed lace-up eyelet, designed below the forefoot and sewn from the top of the shoe to the bottom without the open lacing system on the sides.

Usually, Oxford shoes are combined with luxurious suits or vintage/classic clothes. You can wear a pair of Oxford to a formal dinner party (Wholecut, Balmoral) or just to walk around with friends (Cap toe, Wingtip, Semi Brogues…). It’s suitable for every purpose you need.

But the worrying thing for busy gentlemen is that this style of lace-up shoes will be quite time consuming and limiting the outfit!


Unlike its brother Oxford, Derby is more sought after with its feature that it is less serious and more youthful and vibrant.

The most recognizable of Derby is the men’s shoe with a lacing design at the top with an open lacing system like two pairs of wings. And if any gentleman has a thick and high instep, then the Derby style will be the best choice.

Derby has many of the same designs as the Oxford, but is often used in everyday work with suits, shirts and casual pants. Or a gathering with jeans and a t-shirt…. And vintage style too.


This is also a very popular shoe in Europe for many centuries. In particular, at that time, Monk Strap was used a lot by monks and that is why this type of shoe was called Monk Strap.

Instead of the laces like Oxford and Derby, the unique feature of monk strap is the design that opens and closes with a metal buckle. Depending on the type of buckle, it will be called as Single Monk Strap (1 buckle) – Double Monk Strap (2 buckles) – Triple Monk Strap (3 buckles)…

Monk strap brings smart casual style of modern gentleman suitable for office environment, meeting as well as party. This is a type of shoe that is easy to mix and match outfits in many different situations. When going to work, you can choose a white shirt, casual pants with a pair of simple, plain colored monk straps. And a polo shirt with chinos/jeans for a walk.

Initially, the Monk Strap shoe was not well received by everyone. Today things are completely different, Monk Strap has become popular, can be found in all men’s clothing stores and is the top choice of connoisseurs because of its versatility.


Different from lace-up shoes, Loafers are a very convenient and suitable design for many users. Their classic and modern design are appropriate for many wearing styles.

The distinguishing feature of Loafer shoes is without a fastening and often has a strap across the body of the shoe (the strap is stylized with many different designs according to each loafer shoe classification).

Loafers are divided into 3 types: Penny Loafer, Tassel Loafer, Horsebit Loafer, designed for both men and women. There are many similarities in design but each still have its own characteristics for wearers to recognize.

What we like most about loafers are luxury, diverse models, easy to walk and easy to coordinate ever known. Loafers are definitely suitable for Casual clothes, but at the same time, they can be really harmonious with a formal suit. If you do not have atleast a pair of Loafers in your wardrobe, it is a big mistake.


In terms of boots, there are many types that you need to classify.

– Chelsea Boots: ankle-hugging, ankle-high design with elastic or vulcanized rubber on the sides, rounded toecap and a piece of fabric/leather hook at the back for easy wearing.

– Jodhpur Boots: has a strap around the neck of the shoe that is fastened up and attached with a buckle.

– Hardness Boots: shoes are usually made of thick leather and have the heel height from 2.5cm to 9.5cm. There will be four leather straps and two non-adjustable round metal rings.

– Chukka Boots: ankle-high with 2 or 3 eyelets.

All styles of Boots are gradually becoming popular, especially with young people or gentlemen who have an endless passion for boots and motors. They can be easily coordinated with many styles from bohemian to rock chic, from casual to smart-casual.

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