Colors in Classic Menswear: what are the perfect combination?

While fundamental, color combinations are still among the most controversial topic due to the countless variation and personal taste. In this article, we will introduce some color mix that are highly practical and eye-catching.

Navy and Beige

Navy and Beige is simply the most versatile pair in the sartorial world. The gentle contrast between the two colors makes them a perfect couple that equally contribute for the overall look. Navy and Beige is the favorite combination of Italian men.

Grey and Black

Another popular color combination in Vietnam is Grey and Black. The contrast in shade between them is distinguished enough but not too striking.

Green and Khaki

A typical army combination. Khaki is a very adaptive color to mix with casual alternative which makes green a perfect partner.

Brown and Beige

A combination you don’t want to miss: brow and beige are both warm color. Mixing together , they bring the air of luxury while still distinguished from each other.

Brown and Grey

Since neutral and gentle grey is very adaptive, the elegant brown can be a luxurious partner. This is an easy-to-use color combination.

Grey and yes we are serious, Pink

One striking, one calm as a lake, grey and pink is an interesting mix. While modern and youthful, if used properly, this combination can go well on some classic outfit.

Black and White

The extreme contrast between black and white is striking and therefor, highly formal. This all time classic outfit is the ideal choice for the mature and elegant gentlemen.


A touch of mustard color will vigorously bring the life into the outfit. Yellow go well with darker colors.

Color combinations to avoid

Red and Green

Does this combination rings a bell? Yes! It’s Christmas Day. But not every day is the day of Santa Claus and even if it’s so, don’t over use Red and Green.

Red and Orange

Too hot, too striking, too clown-y.

A bad combination: green should not be the background of orange.

Brown and Black

Black is not easy to use, mixing it with brown is just a waste of the second color’s potential

Purple and Yellow

Tried by many and failed by many. Purple and Yellow are simply not born for each other.

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