Ways to mix shirts with women’s suits to have a fashionable look

Shirts, bralettes or turtlenecks… are things that ladies can easily combine with suits.

Elegant shirt

This style is not really new. However, they also never show any signs of being outdated. Because this style is simple, easy to mix every day, and can be applied in all cases, not only when going to work. In fact, there are many ladies promoting this style. They can be seen wearing beautiful office suits everywhere from going to coffee, watching movies or even parties.

Choose any shirt that can be stylized or not, as long as it’s suitable with the color of your suit. That’s all, you’ve got a simple yet very beautiful and fashionable outfit. In addition, when combining this shirt-suit combo with a pair of high heels, they will make you both young, attractive and luxurious. And when you wear flat shoes, you will have a more dynamic, comfortable and freestyle feeling.

Youthful turtleneck

Surely you will see the style of combining turtlenecks with women’s suits very familiar in foreign movies. In addition to the ability to keep warm, this outfit is also extremely aesthetic. But if you’re afraid because you’re worried that turtlenecks will make you hot and uncomfortable, don’t worry. To serve fashion needs, turtlenecks have now been varied quite a lot, not only for long-sleeve styles. The aim is to be suitable for a variety of weathers. So, don’t be afraid to try on this outfit right away.

With this style, any pair of shoes will be different. Wearing the same pair of heels will give you a mature feel. A pair of lazy shoes will help radiate dynamism and youth. And a pair of boots will show that you are a person with an impressive personality and taste.

Attractive Bralette

Ladies who pursue glamorous style cannot skip this section. The combination of a strap or tube bralette with a suit gives you something new and unique. This combination can be called a great resonance between two opposing styles “discreet-sexy”.

Choose for you a quality and reputable women’s suit tailor

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The service we have specially for you

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