Linen fabric, the optimal choice for women’s casual outfits

Along with women’s office attire, Tailor Bros also provides casual women’s clothing. Similar to the material for men, the most casual material for women is linen. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of women’s clothing made from linen?

In fact, linen fabric is a fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. This type of fabric has been around for a long time, thousands of years ago. Rich people and the upper class often use this type of fabric.

When the weather is too hot, linen is used a lot. The process of producing linen is quite complicated. Furthermore, linen has poor elasticity, so it can easily break when woven. Therefore, the price of linen fabric is more expensive than cotton or blended wool fabric.

Tailor Bros female customer in a specially designed outfit made of linen.

Linen fabric for making dresses

With the advantages that linen fabric possesses, it is really suitable for making dresses. For women who love simple style, linen fabric can be used to make straight dresses. Linen dresses are both youthful and individual. If you are someone who pursues a seductive style, you can choose linen fabric to make a stylized dress, with a flared chest, collar, and stylish wrists. Most linen fabrics have basic colors so they are not picky about the wearer.

Linen is used to make casual pants

Besides dresses, linen fabric is also used for many different items, especially pants. Straight pants made from linen fabric will help the wearer move freely without fear of the heat.

Shirts from linen fabric

Linen shirts are extremely loved by young people because of its uniqueness, especially in the summer. The overall look seems simple, but when worn, it is very stylish. To make the whole outfit more unique, you can combine linen shirts with other accessories.

Notes when preserving linen clothes

Although linen fabric is quite resistant to water and temperature, you also need to know how to properly preserve it. Note: Do not use heat directly on the surface of the linen fabric, because the fabric has poor elasticity and will damage the outfit.
The texture of linen fabric is also very different from other materials. It usually becomes firmer when dipped in water. Therefore, you should dry it naturally and then use it normally. Linen fabric can provide good sun protection but wrinkles quite easily, so you need to pay attention to preserving it to keep it as smooth and beautiful as possible.


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