Bamsilk and Cotton fabric: Which is better for your tailored shirt?

Bamboo silk and cotton fabrics are quite similar in appearance. But it has very different characteristics and sensations to the touch.

What is Bamboo silk fabric?

Bamboo silk, also known as bamsilk, is a natural fabric made from the pulp of the bamboo tree with the most modern and advanced production process. With natural ingredients, bamboo silk has outstanding advantages such as softness, coolness and good antibacterial. In addition, bamboo silk has the ability to absorb sweat 3-4 times higher than cotton.

The process of creating bamboo silk is quite complicated. People will have to grind the bamboo stalk until it becomes small fibers. The bamboo fibers are then treated with natural enzymes, drawn and combed into yarns to weave the fabric. The final step will be to dye and wash the fabric to remove dirt.

The process to make bamboo silk fabric

Most of the bamboo silk used today to make shirts is viscose, also known as rayon. This is the first fabric produced from cellulose fibers. To produce viscose fabric there are many different processes. This fabric has outstanding advantages, low cost.

The characteristics of bamboo silk

  • Antibacterial ability: This is one of the outstanding properties and is rarely found in other fabrics. Bamsilk contains ingredients with excellent antibacterial and deodorizing effects. With the hot and humid weather in Vietnam, the fabric does not cause unpleasant odors and has good mildew resistance.
  • UV resistant: UV rays are able to penetrate bamboo fibers only 0.6% and up to 41.6 times less than other fabrics. With this property, bamboo fabric is widely applied in the production of clothes, helping to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Safe for health: The production process of bamboo fabric is extremely safe, does not contain harmful substances or chemicals. Therefore, it is safe for users’ health, and suitable for the most sensitive skin.
  • Good hygroscopicity: Bamboo silk has the ability to absorb moisture better than other fabrics up to 60%. It is thanks to the structure of bamboo grooves and the space between the bamboo fiber edges that create this outstanding feature

What is Cotton?

Cotton fabric is a fabric made from cotton fibers of the cotton plant along with many other natural materials. Some cotton fabrics are also added with chemicals to increase durability. This is the most popular shirt fabric thanks to its cool properties and beautiful appearance.

Cotton is the most common fabric for a shirt

Cotton fabrics are classified based on the percentage of natural cotton present in the fabric. In addition, it is also classified according to the composition of the fabric. Here are some cotton fabrics that you can refer to:

  • 100% Cotton: A fabric containing 100% cotton, without any other chemicals added. It has good sweat-absorbing properties, suitable for the Vietnamese climate. However, the fabric is quite stiff, and the price is quite high in the market.
  • Egyptian Cotton: This fabric originating from Egypt is known as the “king” of cotton fabrics thanks to its softness and durability. Egyptian cotton fabric has a natural shine, and does not shrink or fade when washed.
  • Cotton poly: A synthetic fiber made from pure cotton and other synthetic fibers. In each production place, there will be a different ratio. The higher the percentage of cotton, the softer and more breathable the fabric.

The characteristics of cotton fabric

  • Eco-friendly: Cotton fabric is made from natural ingredients, which is biodegradable. Therefore, it is particularly environmentally friendly.
  • High tenacity: Cotton fabrics with cotton threads are more tenacious than other fibers. Cotton is quite resistant to water. You can completely wash it regularly without worrying about the fabric being deformed. In particular, it will also become up to 30% more supple when wet.
  • No skin irritation, safe for health: This is an outstanding feature of cotton fabric, different from other fabrics.
  • Soft: Cotton products bring softness to your skin
  • Good sweat absorption: Cotton fabric has the ability to absorb sweat and resist termites very well.

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