5 most essential suits for your wardrobe

If you want to streamline your suit wardrobe, here are 5 suits that we think are indispensable.

Navy single-breasted

This is always the starting point for a suit collection journey. Navy suit is simply a must-have. An extremely versatile suit that can be used in almost any situation.

Grey single-breasted

2nd choice for sure. If navy is number one, then no color could compete for number two with grey. Flexibility is not inferior, even slightly better than navy. The minus point of grey is probably its neutral shade, making the outfit look not as eye-catching and youthful as navy. But with a business suit, grey is an even more perfect choice.

Striped navy/dark grey double-breasted

If you have seen the movie Kingsman, you will be impressed with the costumes of the Spies in the movie. Throughout the film are captivating striped navy suits which are cut in British standards. Striped and double-breasted when used together really give a luxurious and elegant effect. Try to dress up like Kingsman sometimes, and remember “Oxford not Brogues”.

Brown linen single-breasted

If you already have the suits above, it’s time to “play” a bit with materials and colors. In general, most of our customers are more concerned about hot weather than cold weather. Therefore, we will recommend a suit that is extremely easy to wear for summer, even spring and autumn. It was a brown linen suit.

Brown linen, if chosen in the right shade, is extremely versatile. You can separate the jacket and wear it with jeans, cotton, linen in different color… or wear the whole suit without making the other person feel “suffocated”.


Many people will hesitate when we mention tuxedo. But as a grown man, there will certainly come a time when you have to use it. Luxury parties that require a black tie dresscode in today’s society are not too far away. Don’t think you only use it once in your life.

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