If the 3-piece suit for men is the outfit with the highest level of formality in the office world, then for women, the 4-piece suit has the same position.

What does a 4-piece women’s suit include?

Like the men’s 3-piece suit, the women’s 4-piece suit includes 1 suit jacket, 1 vest, 1 pants, and an additional item, a skirt.

How to apply a 4-piece suit?

Similar to men’s suits, women’s suits can also be worn as a full 3-piece suit with a jacket, waistcoat and pants to create an extremely professional and powerful appearance.

Replacing pants with a skirt, the suit immediately becomes more feminine but still retains its elegance.

In addition, women can also use this outfit flexibly by wearing a vest without a jacket with a skirt or pants.

Overall, with 4 pieces in the outfit, this is an extremely versatile combo and fits perfectly into office attire, for successful, sophisticated and mature women.