This summer, we are happy to announce the partnership between Tailor Bros and Azuro Republic – a well known accessories provider for gentlemen. Let’s find out about this respected brand whose every products are crafted with passion, experience and utmost expertise.

Azuro Republic – Who they are?

The brand’s name “Azuro” was adopted using the first letter of each crafter’s name and “Republic” implies mutual respect and understanding wherever you are. Fusing handcrafts with the current fashion trends has given Azuro a new look. An insistence on tradition, quality and mission to change men has paved the way for the creation of Azuro Republic.

Azuro Republic has gone through 30 years of apprenticeship, constantly looking around the world for unique and valuable mineral and using 18 methods to eventually craft them into beads with plenty of history and value. Pairing it with gold and silver that symbolize wealth and power, Azuro Republic’s accessories combine tradition with fashion.

Beaded Bracelet – The harmony of wealth and fashion

Cufflinks – The perfect simplicity

Visit Azuro Republic and their inspiring collections here:

From August 2020, Tailor Bros’ customer enjoy a 15% discount for the accessories from Azuro Republic.