First of all, black is a very practical color. It’s very resistant to stains and well covers the wrinkles of the outfit. Sometimes, people claim that black makes them look thinner. Thus, many bros have the habit of wearing a full-black outfit, believing that the combination of pieces with different woven or material does not makes them look like wearing a jumpsuit. However, this “50 shades of black” style is far from being creative and unique. The message being sent here is just the unsecurity of the wearer and the boring safety they follow.

Black, of course, is still a great choice when occasions arise. Seldom picked as it is, nothing matches a dinner or funeral than a formal full-black tuxedo. It is also a good idea for white-collar worker as the office requires formality. You can also mix many color with a black trouser.

However, there are reasons that black is overrated. First, it ages extremely poorly. After a several washes, the color fades very quickly that leads to a cheap look. The deodorant stains would then be much more visible and unpleasant. Also, black absorb a lot of energy of light, it heats up fast, especially in the summer. Finally, black is not versatile as is commonly believed. For example, navy can mix almost every color with the only exception of black.

If you have a charcoal suit, you can mix it with a navy cravat. They are both dark colors with similar shadewhile black is way too dark. A black suit (or even a white one) is too strong for casual wear. Black, therefor, is only useful in formal events.

There is a plenty of alternatives to black: charcoal, grey, brow, navy, olive and many other color. Charcoal, which is actually another shade of black is much easier to wear. If you feel like wearing a black suit or a black blazer, try charcoal instead, you would thank me later.

Compared to clothes and accessories, black shoes is more versatile. However, a strong brown pair of shoe is still a better choice for clothes mixing and should be the first priority unless you need the formality for events attending.

(Reference: Gentlemans’ Gazette)