Mistake 2: Using low-rise trouser and belt-waist

Two more mistakes commonly made by Viet wearers. A suit is best dressed when its pieces are thoroughly combined and gives the best look to it owner. Therefore, an ideal trouser have to be perfectly matched with the curve of the jacket. A comfortable tailored jacket should be paired with a regular fit trouser, while more body jacket which is tighter required a slim fit trouser.

Problem often arise when we misunderstand the principal ratio among jeans, kaki, trouser and many more. Most people prefer a rather low-raise jeans and therefor apply this style to a trouser. This style is troublesome because the trouser will make person with short leg seem shorter, the same for a fat belly.

In fact, I don’t encourage you to say no with waist-bell. However, for a basic suit, which not required a special formality, a waist-bell is unneccessary. It breaks who wholeness of a suit, left alone the fact that it makes the suit jacket look more bulging. A waist-bell, therefor, should only be used with less formality required outfit. Instead, use suspender or sidetab trouser.

An ideal trouser for suit should be one to two centimeters longer to make room for movement, it should be gradually tight from above to the lower part of natural pose. Its waist should be approximately placed at the height of the belly button, or more precisely, the waist of the trouser should be placed in wearer’s waist rather than their hip. This not only makes the hip looks slimmer (thanks to the tighness of the trouser’s waist) but also flatten the belly and lengthen the leg, perfectly matched with the upper jacket. You should not wear too tight a trouser as it could not help covering some weakness of the leg namely big thigh, bow legs and so on.