Have you ever wondered “should I wear a suit to college and university, and if so, how?” Well, that is not an easy question to answer. But the following points will probably help you.

Don’t Dress up. Dress Down

Yes, dressing up is not for you, if you want to adapt well to the university environment. When people around all go casual with T-shirt, jeans and athleisure, you should not wear a full formal suit. Instead, separate your suit jacket and suit trousers, and wear each with more casual items, such as jeans, T-shirt, polo and chinos.

Ivy Style Is Exactly What You Need

Ivy Style originated with students of the Ivy League system of the US, so it is definitely a style for students. If you don’t have time to research Ivy style, collect yourself the following basic items and wear them alternately: a navy blazer with brass buttons, several oxford cloth button-down shirts, and several pieces, Chino pants, Shetland crewneck sweater and two coats, a Duffle and a Polo for the cold season.

Knit Tie

Do not use smooth silk ties, because they are a symbol of formality. Instead, choose ties with a bit of texture like knit ties, silk grenadine ties or Shantung ties. With a little roughness on the surface, they will add casualness to your outfit and blend well with the school environment.

Stay Away From Oxford Shoes

Yet another symbol of formality. At colleges and universities, you should use more casual shoes such as loafers (penny is better than tassel), derby or boots (Chelsea). Not only they will help you avoid the risk of being overdressed, but also increase your comfort during school activities.