“Don’t fear the tux – embrace it”.

The vast majority of the brothers who spoke with us shared the same opinion: tuxedo is associated with luxury, and therefore it is extremely picky to use. Only noble and well-mannered characters like Jay Gatsby would wear it often. This view is so powerful that even elite men in modern society choose to hire instead of tailor a Tux when the occasion arises. They assume that a tux is Not for them.

Of course, it is impossible to argue 180 degrees that the tux is the clothing of the common people, but it is not so far away as we realize. The story goes that, when financier James Brown Potter was invited to spend a weekend in the English countryside with the Prince of Wales in 1886, he asked tailor Henry Poole from Savile Row to suggest suitable outfits. Poole recommends a short jacket without a tail. Potter loved the jacket and decided to wear it at his year-end party at Tuxedo Park, New York country club, inspiring many imitators. That’s where the tux came from.

“Tuxedo” is derived from the name of the lake inside the club, Pluck-Sepo pronounced similar to Tuxedo

But not everyone is captivated by the tux. In 1898, the New York Times described a tuxedo as “a revealing and vulgar garment” worthy of being worn only on casual occasions. Still, the Tuxedo thrived because it was more affordable and easier to wash than a long tail jacket, and in 1922, Emily Post called the tux “a gentleman’s essential evening wear.” Around this time, Tuxedo rentals also began to appear.

What makes the Tuxedo interesting is its “democracy”. In a Tuxedo, all gentlemen are equal, because they all have to follow strict rules when wearing a tuxedo, which has existed since the earliest days of their birth. There is no room for creativity and fashion trends. And in contrast to the Tuxedo suits, which were worn only by upper-class men to high-class events, tuxedos have become the standard for everything from formal dinners to charity dinners. until the wedding.

Yet today, modern men realize that they are not living a life worthy of a tuxedo. In fact, men look best in suits. Writer Russell Smith describes a party with men in a tux as “a tasteful backdrop to the brilliance of women’s dresses and skins”.

In a tux, all men are equal. And they are all so handsome.

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  • Adolfo Profumo
    Posted October 1, 2022 3:18 pm

    I would like to stop by and get a tuxedo. I am here only until Sunday..
    Can you email me and let me know if you are available for an appointment today, and if so at what time? Thank you.