Manners make men. In that sense, nothing is manlier than a well-tailored business suit.

For most white-collar professionals, a closet filled with custom business suits is a rule they live by. These suits become their second skin, donned faithfully during their 9-to-5 grind and important client meetings. The suits bestow upon them a refined sense of class, infusing confidence and elegance into their every business endeavor.

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However, the task of selecting the perfect men business suit can be quite daunting, especially amidst the bustling streets of Hanoi. But fear not, for this blog is your guide to discovering the ultimate tailor Hanoi – Tailorbros.

What Is A Business Suit?

A business suit is a coordinated set of garments, typically comprising a jacket, trousers, and optionally, a waistcoat. The jacket and trousers usually share the same fabric and color, while the waistcoat can add a matching or contrasting touch. Business suits are worn with dress shirts, ties, and formal shoes, and they can be either single-breasted or double-breasted, with the latter being more formal and elegant.

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What is the difference between a business suit and a formal one? Distinguishing between business and formal suits involves the number of buttons on the jacket. Single-breasted suits have one row of buttons and offer versatility, while double-breasted suits feature two overlapping rows of buttons, projecting a more formal and elegant appearance. These subtle variations allow individuals to adapt their attire to different professional and social occasions.

Remember to specify which type of suit you need when dropping by Tailorbros. With the best tailors found in Hanoi, they can accommodate your suit needs, no matter the type.

Where Should You Wear A Business Suit?

A business suit is a suitable outfit for many occasions, both professional and personal. You can wear a business suit to:

  • Work: In a professional setting, like an office or corporate environment, having a business suit is essential. It not only helps you appear professional but also demonstrates your respect for both your employer and clients. Wearing a business suit can boost your self-assurance and job performance, making you feel better prepared and more capable.
  • Meetings: Whether you’re meeting potential partners, investors, or customers, a business suit can significantly improve your first impression. It establishes trust and credibility while also conveying your authority, expertise, and genuine enthusiasm for the project or deal at hand.
  • Events: Consider donning a business suit when attending various events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, presentations, or awards ceremonies. This attire aids in networking with fellow professionals, showcasing your skills and accomplishments, and ensuring you stand out, garnering attention and recognition.
  • Weddings: Formal or semi-formal weddings call for a business suit as a fitting choice. It’s a way to celebrate the joyous occasion while displaying respect for the bride and groom. Moreover, a well-fitted business suit ensures you look sharp and stylish in photographs and videos, contributing to a memorable atmosphere.

Why Should You Wear A Business Suit?

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Business suits are versatile garments suitable for both professional and formal events, making them a valuable addition to any wardrobe. Owning at least one is a wise choice because you never know when the occasion may arise.

  • It’s A Natural Confidence Boost: Wearing a business suit bolsters your confidence, making you feel powerful and capable. It enhances your attractiveness and equips you to face challenges and opportunities with assurance.
  • It’s Styles Are Timeless: A business suit’s timeless appeal transcends fashion trends, ensuring you appear sophisticated and refined regardless of the era.
  • It Commands Respect: This attire signifies self-respect and respect for others, earning you respect from colleagues and avoiding negative judgments based on appearance.

What Should You Wear With A Business Suit?

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A business suit for men serves as a foundational element in your attire, and to complete the look, consider these essential additions:

  • Dress Shirt: This formal shirt, with its collar, buttons, and cuffs, is worn beneath the suit jacket and tucked into the trousers. Dress shirts come in various solid or patterned designs to suit different occasions and personal preferences. Make sure your dress shirt is clean, well-ironed, and impeccably fitted.
  • Tie: The tie, a long piece of fabric knotted under the dress shirt’s collar, adds a finishing touch. Opt for solid or patterned ties based on the occasion and your style. Ensure your tie reaches the belt buckle and matches the jacket’s lapels, tying it neatly and securely.
  • Shoes: Formal and well-fitting shoes are crucial. They should either match the suit’s color or be darker. Common choices include oxfords, derbies, brogues, and loafers.
  • Socks: Opt for formal, clean, and well-fitted socks that either match the trouser color or are darker. Cotton or wool socks in solid colors are common choices.
  • Accessories: Minimal and elegant accessories add finesse. They should either match the suit’s color and style or provide a harmonious contrast. Consider items like watches, cufflinks, pocket squares, tie clips, and lapel pins to elevate your look.

These are a lot to take in, especially for a suit novice. Thankfully, the best of Hanoi tailors, Tailorbros, are well-versed in “suit-ism,” and can give you the best advice when it comes to dressing your business suits.

Business Suit Tips For Getting The Right Fit

Achieving the perfect fit for your men business suit is a vital aspect of your overall appearance and comfort. An impeccable fit can elevate your style, while an ill-fitting suit can undermine it. According to the best tailors in Hanoi at Tailorbros, here are some practical pointers to ensure your business suit fits just right:

  • Know Your Measurements: Start by understanding your measurements. You can either measure yourself with a tape measure or seek the assistance of a professional tailor. Key measurements include your chest, waist, hips, inseam, sleeve length, and neck size.
  • Select Your Size: Armed with your measurements, choose a size that aligns with them. You can opt for a standard size that matches your measurements or go for a custom-made suit tailored precisely to your body. Additionally, consider your body type when selecting a size that complements your physique.
  • Test It Out: Before making a purchase or wearing your suit, try it on. Experiment with both the jacket and trousers to gauge their fit. Pay attention to how they conform to your body as you move around. Look out for any signs of tightness, looseness, wrinkles, or gaps that may affect your comfort and appearance.

Vietnam’s Business Suit For Men Trends In Autumn – Winter 2023

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To keep up with the latest men’s business suit trends for autumn and winter 2023 in Vietnam, here are some stylish options to consider:

  • Earthy Tones: Expect earthy tones to dominate the scene, drawing inspiration from nature with shades like brown, beige, khaki, and olive. These warm and versatile colors complement all skin tones and occasions. They also provide a comforting contrast to the season’s cold, gloomy weather. You can wear earthy tones as a solid suit or get creative by mixing and matching them with other colors and patterns.
  • Plaid Patterns: Plaid patterns are making a strong comeback, adding a classic and elegant touch to your suit. These crossed horizontal and vertical lines in various colors and widths create texture and interest. They also bring a vintage and nostalgic vibe, perfect for the season’s mood. Consider wearing plaid patterns as a full suit or incorporating them into separate pieces like jackets, trousers, or waistcoats.
  • Velvet Fabrics: Embrace the luxury of velvet fabrics, known for their soft, smooth, and shiny surface that catches the light. These fabrics exude sophistication and a touch of glamour, elevating your suit’s refinement. Velvet also keeps you warm and cozy in chilly weather. Whether as a full suit or accent pieces like jackets, lapels, or pocket squares, velvet adds a festive touch to your ensemble.


If you’re aiming to upgrade your wardrobe and make a lasting impression on clients, colleagues, and friends, consider investing in a business suit. It’s a versatile and stylish choice that lets your personality shine and sets you one class above the rest.

Whether you’re a seasoned suit wearer or new to the scene, this guide will help you discover the perfect business suit for any occasion. And for those seeking a high-quality and fashionable business suit tailored to their unique preferences, look no further than Tailorbros, the leading brand for custom-made suits in Vietnam.

Visit their website or reach out today to embark on your journey to finding your ideal business suit.