Our mission is to provide an exceptionally private services with professional manner at cozy and friendly atmosphere.

We pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate one-on-one interactions among customers, our talented consultants and passionately skillful artisan.

What we care about you?

Experience Matters

Do you experience our exceptionally personalized services such as style consultancy, fitting or alteration?

Product Quality

Is the suit made to your measurement, appearance and purpose?

Value Of Price

Do you satisfy with the suit's price in exchange of our values?


We focus on 2 timeless styles: British and Italian. With British suit, your look will be more formal and with Italian, it will be more casual.

We have local and imported fabric. Local fabric is already in stock, and cheaper than imported fabric, which is from Britain and Italy.

Price for 2-piece suit (with 1 suit jacket and 1 trouser) starts from VND 4,299,000.

Normally we need 14 days to complete a suit with 2 fitting spells. But we still do have express service if you don’t have much time. With the full handmade option, we need more time than normal.

We open from 2pm – 9pm on weekdays and from 9am – 9pm on weekends.


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