We already have an article discussing about suspenders, their pros and cons compared to belts. But there is an undeniable fact, suspenders are a much more perfect choice in formal dress. Belts will only work well with certain casual outfits, and are absolutely not recommended for three-piece suits or black ties.

But how do you wear suspenders so you’re actually wearing them, not they’re “wearing” you? In other words, how to be comfortable to wear them, and what types of suspenders are there? Let’s find out in the article below.

How to wear suspenders comfortably

In general, suspenders are accessories that are rarely used, and therefore are new to most people. Anything new will make you feel a bit complicated and afraid to experiment. But actually, using suspenders is quite simple and comfortable.

It will only take you once to adjust suspenders to best fit your body and desired pants length. Once that’s done, you can comfortably move all day long without much worry, continuously pulling the waistband or changing the belt holes. Pants with suspenders should be measured slightly loose at the waist to ensure comfort even when full.

The only problem with suspenders is probably when… going to the bathroom. But in reality, it’s not that bad. You just need to remove the two sides of the shoulder strap and then take off your pants as usual, then hang them up again. Maybe it will only be inconvenient when you wear many layers of clothes over suspenders. At that time, you need to remove all the outer layers before you can remove the suspenders like above.

Navy and brown are good colors for suspenders

What types of suspenders are there?

In terms of shape, there are two versions of suspenders, the letter Y and the letter X. That Y and X shape is shown on the back when wearing suspenders. The letter Y is more popular due to its convenience and not too cumbersome.

In terms of structure, there are two main types: button fastening and clip fastening. With the button type, you’ll need your pants to have extra buttons on the inside or outside of the waistband to hook onto suspenders. Remember to ask your tailors to add buttons if you want to wear suspenders with those pants. As for the clip type, you simply attach it to the waistband and conveniently use it with all types of pants. But there is a downside, these suspenders are prone to damage the fabric, and we recommend it only for pants of medium thickness or more.

There’re some suspenders out there with both button and clip options

Finally, let’s us remind you that at Tailor Bros, we always have a variety of suspenders available, both clip and buttoned types with basic colors, easy to use with suits to complete your outfit.