The end of March and the beginning of April is not the wedding season, but I still wanted to write about this topic after good news from a close friend like my brother. I think both happy and guilty for him. Glad to finally… find a wife, but this weather, it’s hard to be elegant in the most important event in his life!


Suit is something that we love, but also have to leave in the early summer heat. They are an integral part of every groom in the wedding ceremony. But stop complaining because it’s no use. Wedding at one time or another, you can’t help but wear suits!

Let’s talk about our main story: Dressing well in a wedding suit. First of all, it needs to be confirmed, your wedding suit must be different from your daily wear. Do not bring an office suit to the wedding, it will make you like an MC standing next to the bride, or drowning in countless other business suits of the party guests. 

And stay away from ready-to-wear suits that are sold a lot in shops, especially short jacket suits, or suits that don’t make suits, tuxedo doesn’t make tuxedo.

Speaking of the Tuxedo concept, this is something you should consider wearing on the big day of your life. However, be careful because wearing a Tuxedo is not easy and spending a lot of money on it is also not very satisfactory, because it is not possible to wear it in many events, a year is unlikely to be used… 3 times if you are not a celebrity or an artist.

So what is a Tuxedo? It originates from European evening wear. Its characteristic feature is lapels made of satin or silk. The important thing to remember when wearing a tuxedo is that the length of the dress must be a bit “old”, following the formal standards, especially the trouser leg length should be at “enough break”, avoid the “no break” style to Show off your socks, show off your shoes.

Remember, if you don’t wear it, it’s okay, once you put on a Tux, you need to be as luxurious as possible. I’m most afraid of the suits sold in the Chinese market, the suit doesn’t make a suit but a tux doesn’t make a tux. Tight to the point of suffocation, the lapels are short, and the lapels are shiny with cheap silk. Don’t dress like that under any circumstances, let alone the most important wedding of your life!

Next, let’s talk about the wedding suit, which in my opinion is easier to wear than a tuxedo and also worth the investment.

The first thing that comes to mind about a wedding suit is colour. In my opinion, the wedding suit should still be black, no matter how young and personal your wedding is (of course, it still has to be within certain rules, I’m not talking about “flying” ways of thinking. like the couples taking nude wedding photos in the past). In addition to black, you can also consider dark colours such as brown, navy blue… Do not choose purplish-blue or dark blue, because as mentioned, it makes you look like an office worker.

Next is the shoulder, which in my opinion is the most important part of a suit. Contrary to the usual suit style, the wedding suit should have thick shoulder pads to make you look a bit dignified, and especially it is more suitable for such important events. This is also the most obvious distinction between a ready-to-wear (ready-to-wear), made-to-measure (sewn to a built-in measurement system) and a bespoke (sewn to your measurements). In my opinion, choose bespoke if possible, because you rarely have a truly legitimate investment like this. Most of the major tailors in Hanoi also allow you to move your weight by about 5kg, so don’t worry about “getting married and getting fat” or something like that!

Below is a list of some other details on the body of a suit jacket:

  • Lapel: Depends on the body. Big people use big ticks, small people use small ticks, but don’t be too small. Lapels come in 3 types: The Notch lapel, the Peak lapel and the Shawl lapel. Particularly, the Shawl lapel type is often used for the tuxedo, and the other two types you can choose to use.
  • Chest bag: DO NOT USE WHITE BRACKET BAGS with a fake pocket square. It will make you look cheap.
  • Body: With or without front darts. In my opinion, a modern suit cannot be without darts, it is an important part to help you form a better body, make your chest fuller and your waist slimmer from any angle. The British and Italian tailoring methods are now using front darts.
  • Buttons: The common type is a suit jacket with 2 buttons, and always remember to BUTTON ONLY. With a 3-button suit jacket, the middle button should be buttoned. The 1-button type should not be used in weddings, the same way to use the 2-button suit jacket.
  • Buttons: There are 3 types of Nonkissing (separate buttons), Kissing nonstacked (closed buttons but not pressed), and Kissing stacked (buttons overlap). Just like the buttons on the bodice, use any type, open or not (attached to the sleeve) as you like.
  • Body slit: There are also 3 styles, namely Double vent (slit on both sides), Single vent (slit in the middle) and No vent (no split). The double vent is typical of British suits, and we recommend using it for your most important suit.

At this point, hopefully, you have a knowledge about a formal suit jacket. Let’s continue with pants, the second piece in the suit in the next part of the article.