In addition to the default wool fabric, linen is also a unique choice for women’s clothing, partly because of its special form and partly because of the comfort it brings to the wearer.

Like men’s clothing, women’s tailored clothing uses the most common fabric, wool or wool blend. Usually, wool blend will be more suitable for women, thanks to being blended with stretchy materials, so the outfit can hug the figure but still be comfortable to move.

However, if you want a more casual look, with more of a summer vibe, linen will be an interesting choice.

Linen is a natural material made from flax fibers – a common plant that often grows near lakes in Switzerland. Thanks to the technique of weaving 100% flax fibers, clothes made from linen look very natural and of high quality. You can feel the softness and coolness of each fabric fiber on your fingertips.

Advantages of linen

Tailor Bros’s beautiful customer in her linen suit

Compared to other materials, linen fabric is unique in that it is quite light in weight, soft and “pampers” the wearer’s skin. In addition, because linen is made from tree bark, it ensures absolute safety for users, even for children. Linen also has good heat resistance, long-lasting color retention and high durability.

The most special advantage that makes linen material favored is its ability to absorb sweat extremely well and does not cause burning or tightness when worn. Not to mention, clothes made from linen often dry very quickly and are comfortable for many hours.

Besides, good heat resistance is also a plus point of linen. Even if left outside in the sun for a long time or directly exposed to high temperatures, products made from linen will not be damaged or degraded at all.

Tailor Bros’s beautiful customer in her linen suit

Disadvantages of linen

Because it is made entirely from flax fibers, linen fabric often wrinkles and folds if you do not know how to preserve it well during use.

Besides, unlike wool blend fabric, linen is a natural fabric so it has low elasticity. When making a linen suit, women should make it loose to ensure comfortable movement and enhance the casual look and summer vibe of the material.