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Pitti Uomo 97th – the annually menswear festival has been held in Florence, Italy from January 7th to January 10th. This year, the winter version of the top-notch fashion event chooses “The flag” theme. Each brand represents its own flag, each participant also raises the flag of individual style. Together, they turn Pitti Uomo into a real “United Nation of Fashion” for the menswear connoisseur all around the world.

According to Pitti Immagine’s Director – Mr Agostino Poletto “A flag is not simply a piece of fabric, it brings along the inspiring messages. Just like the clothes we wear, a flag speaks a language everyone understand, they become a living symbol of personal brand, of the connection, cognition and emotion”

Let take a look at the most impressive outfits from participants of Pitti Uomo. Some are wore by the most influential figures of the fashion industry, those who play a vital role in forming the trend of classic menswear in recent years.


Corduroy double breasted suit.
Ethan Newton (left)
Jake Grantham
Simon Crompton
Jerry Tong from Prologue (right)
Arnold Wong of Attire House
Lino Ieluzzi
The Armoury

Day 2

Fabrizio Oriani with a striking orange jacket
Simon Crompton (Permanent Style)
Roberto Mararo
Alan See (The Armoury)
Jan Tong (The Armoury HK)
Mark Cho
Jim Parker (The Armoury NY) and Alan

Day 3